Final Cut Pro for Windows, is there or will there be this support?


Final Cut Pro is one of the most used tools by all video editors, since the functions it has and how easy and intuitive it is to be able to use it and get the most out of it, have made it one of the quintessential applications for time to create audiovisual content. However, it is only available for users who have a Mac, well, in this post we will tell you about the possibilities that it finally reaches Windows.

Final Cut on Windows, an unattainable wish?

One of the most used applications that has been conceived, designed and developed by Apple is Final Cut Pro. For all those who do not know this program, tell them that it is the video editor that Apple has carried out for all professionals in this field. sector. So much YouTubers, creators of content on social networks, such as audiovisual producers they use a tool on a daily basis that makes available to these users an incredible number and variety of functions that allow them to unleash their creativity and, above all, to capture it in the form of videos.

However, since it is an application developed by the Cupertino company, since its launch it has only been available for macOS, that is, only those users who have an Apple computer can use it. This means that many other video editing professionals who have a Windows computer in their ecosystem work have to give up all benefits and advantages offered by this fantastic application, which is why many wonder if the day will come when Apple decides to release a version for this operating system.

The reality is that, seeing Apple’s trend in this type of matter, the hopes of seeing a Final Cut Pro for Windows are really low, although we must remember that it would not be the first app from the Cupertino company that goes into an operating system which is not his own. In addition, one of the reasons that lower expectations regarding this hypothetical launch is the absence, still, of the version for iPad. Surely if Apple wants to open the spectrum of Final Cut Pro users, it would initially do so with users who have their equipment, such as the iPad.

iPad Air from the front

However, perhaps Apple may be taking this possibility much more into account than many users thinksince in some way it could be a very large source of income and even a way through which many users who today use a Windows computer may be tempted to switch to macOS by checking directly on their day to day how well everything that is developed by the Cupertino company works.

Therefore, we will have to be very attentive to the different movements that can occur around this possibility that Final Cut Pro will land on an operating system other than Apple, such as Windows. As we say, the chances are slim as it’s not even available for iPadOS, but as the saying goes, hope is the last thing lost.