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“For the other, run me well”: Eduin Caz shares a photo with “Canelo” after controversy at a XV-year party


Saturday October 15 “Canelo” Alvarez he made his XV years party to his daughter Emily Cinnamon and the celebration was surrounded by controversy after it was ensured that the boxer ran to Firm Group, who appeared at the celebration to sing to the celebrated, which has been clarified by Eduin Case, vocalist of the group.

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Through social networks, after the emily XV years party, began to transcend the version that the “Canelo” ran from the party to Firm Group and the singer Carin Leon and videos were even published that apparently confirmed the facts.

The Sunday October 16, Caz published a series of images in which he can be seen with Álvarez living together in a good way and sharing drinks, so the version that Grupo Firme was kicked out of the party was not clear.

It was not until a week later that the singer himself returned to the subject and clarified it very much in his own style.

In their stories of Instagram Case posted a picture next to “Canelo” in which the two are seen smiling and wrote: “Pa (sic) the other cum well, that here we continue drinking”, in a clearly ironic tone regarding the version that circulated on social networks.

The boxer himself responded to Eduin’s photo by sharing the image on his own account, so it can be determined that the relationship between Grupo Firme and “Canelo” remains close and on good terms.

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