Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date, Features And Map Concept Revealed!


Hey there Fortnite fans, Fortnite is back with a banger called Fortnite chapter 3. This time with a buck load of new features, weapons, skins, and heck even a new Island to play around with. 

So if you want to know all about it and its new features then let’s go.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date:

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Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1 will be released on the 7th of December 2021. The battle pass will be soon available after that.

 Fortnite chapter 3 is all ready to begin and to get things ready for the third chapter, Epic games took the game offline and maintained the servers.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Weapons:

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  1. MK 7 – This is the first-ever weapon to activate first-person mode. It has a red dot sight and is great.
  2. New Striker Pump Shotgun- It is a power-packed gun causing heavy damage but it has the downside of being slow.
  3. Auto Shotgun – Unlike its above-mentioned counterpart, it is faster, loads to shells at a time, it is fast, but packs effectively less damage than a Pump shotgun.
  4. Stinger SMG – This new gun is just like UMP 45, it’s pretty cool.
  5. Ranger Assault Rifle – It is basically a chapter 3 version of the AK’s from chapter 2 just less cool.
  6. Hunter Bolt Action- Yes! snipers are back and you can find Hunter bolt action can be found almost anywhere over the island.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Consumables And Medical Accessories

  1. Med Mist – It is basically bandaging in the form of a spray can. You can heal yourself, your friends anyone anywhere anytime.
  2. Guzzle Juice – It is like a better version of Slurp Juice from chapter 2, it heals the character up to 100 but does it pretty slowly.
  3. New Chest named Cooler – You can find all the above-mentioned consumables and medical accessories inside a new chest called ‘Cooler’.

The Most Remarkable Feature – The Tent

You can find them abandoned at various places over the island. You then claim them and they become your personal tent. You can throw them down anywhere you want. 

You can heal your HP by resting inside it. You can store items and weapons in it. The best feature is that if you store any items in it, then you get to take it to the next match with you. Yes, anything you store into it can be taken into the next match.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Dynamics

  1. Crouch To Slide – Now while running, you can tap the crouch button to slide just like players do in PUBG, BGMI, and many other games. You can slide at insane speed and this might make up for some pro-level gameplays.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Map

There is a new map almost covered in snow and we all know the reason for it. Yes, Christmas and that is the obvious reason for the snowy portion of the map. But that’s not it. It also has many new POI’s. Many old POI’s and many renovated POIs. So let’s get to it without wasting any time.

POI’s – Old, New, and Renovated

  1. Daily Bugle – Over the mountain and inside the volcano there is Daily Bugle from the original spiderman movie. It also has J Jonah Jameson’s office on the top floor.
  2. Returning from chapter 1 we have Shifty Shafts, Risky Reels, and Greasy Grove
  3. Returning from chapter 2 but after getting redesigned for the better we have The Lighthouse and The Log Jam Lumber Yard.
  4. Some original POIs include Camp Cuddle, The Jones- a society created by Jon Jones that is deep in the jungle, Chalker Speedway which is a racecourse for cars, and at last we have Condo Canyon.
  5. New towns like Sleepy Sound, Coney Crossroads that has an ice cream parlor.

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Battle Pass

This is the biggest battle pass we’ve ever had since Chapter 2 season 4 and it has various skins on various pages.

  1. On page 1 we have Shanta and Ronan. Shanta has a lot of customizable styles, while Ronan’s outfit can be changed with new colors and a secret helmet.
  2. For the next page, we have Lieutenant John Llama who is the most cartoon character in the chapter so far.
  3. On page 5 we have Haven, a girl who lives in the treetops and bring more of a primal feeling to the game.
  4. From page 7 the game begins to be a little more Fortnite. This means that on page 7 we have Gumbo who is basically a living walking talking gumball machine.
  5. On page 8 we have Harlow, an alien girl who has a passion for racing.
  6. On page 9 we have the most-awaited and anticipated skin of all times, the Spiderman himself.
  7. On the last page, we have a symbiote version of spiderman with a built-in swinging emote.
  8. There is a secret skin for the chapter, which you guys would know about if you logged in to the final event for chapter 2. It is The Foundation aka Dwayne The Rock Johnson and it could even Unmask and you could play as the Rock.

These are not the only new features for the new chapter but these are definitely the most interesting.

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