Fortnite temporarily removes construction, receives Doctor Strange and introduces movement improvements


Fortnite has started Chapter 3 of Season 2 with many new features. The most notable is the removal of construction, a temporary measure taken as part of the game’s story. The battle royale also introduces movement improvements and receives Doctor Strange, the umpteenth Marvel character to visit the title, through the battle pass. In addition, Epic Games will allocate profits from Fortnite for the next two weeks to humanitarian aid for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the new season called Resistance, Fortnite players will not be able to protect themselves with buildings and instead receive the total shield, a defense that is added to the shield and health. “Full Shield is your first line of defense – it will take all the damage before your health and shield are affected. In addition, it will recover even if it is reduced to zero, ”explains Epic Games. It is unknown for now if the total shield is here to stay or if it will disappear when the construction returns.

Players will also find three movement upgrades that open up new ways to fight. They are the following:

Sprint: The default movement speed has been increased, so sprinting is now faster. Sprinting can’t be sustained all the time, so it has a meter to indicate how long you can move at that speed. they can use their hands to get there. Shoulder Bash: Doors can now be rammed and opened with a shoulder slam.

Among the novelties of the new season we also find the return of financing with bars to contribute directly to the Resistance. “Donate bars to Resistance gadgets and use them to vote for the items you want to chamber,” says Epic Games. Players will be able to choose whether to install a Light Turret or a Heavy Turret at Resistance locations. An armored battle bus equipped with a deflector, a light turret and a heavy turret can also be financed.

Finally, Epic Games has announced that it will allocate all Fortnite earnings for the period between March 20 and April 3 as humanitarian aid for those affected by the war in Ukraine. “In order to contribute to the cause and so that the people of Ukraine receive more help, Xbox will also allocate its net profits obtained from Fortnite during this period”, adds Epic Games. Sony and Nintendo have not commented on the matter.