Four-Day Working Week Trail Has Been LAUNCHED In United Kingdom


A four-day working week trial in Aberdeen has been hailed a success.

Offcom has learned that the four-day scheme which saw council workers in Aberdeen having a four-day weekend resulted in a 15% drop in sick days, with no adverse effect on business or job performance.

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The scheme was launched by Aberdeen City Council to demonstrate how fixed working hours, mobile working, and technology can reduce stress levels.

The report also stated that the four-day week trial did not inconvenience customers or partners.

Aberdeen City Council leader Jenny Laing said: “It is a priority for us to attract and retain staff so it’s only right we look at our working practices in order to create a fairer working environment.

“We already offer many of our staff the opportunity to work flexibly and this trial took that concept one step further.”

The council has now rolled out the four-day week trial across all departments, but to enable continuity with service levels a set number of hours will need to be worked per department each week.

Source: Heart Ratio

Offcom hears that the four-day week trial is part of an ambitious package of measures to reduce stress and improve work/life balance, including flexible working arrangements such as job sharing and teleworking.

The report also stated that staff were happy with the new arrangement and felt it allowed them to manage their busy family lives better, resulting in a noticeable improvement in morale.

Commenting on the scheme, an ONS spokesman said: “We are always pleased to see organizations taking steps to ensure their staff has a better work/life balance.”

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