Friday’s little gift: 8M, women raise their voices


As is customary, on the Friday before March 8, the Regalito is made by a woman or a group of women. For today’s I have asked Yorokobu for help, a medium that distributes this email every Friday through its social networks.

Those who have proposed today’s contents are collaborators of that magazine whom I don’t even know, but to whom I am very grateful for having done so. I hope that what they have prepared interests you as much as it does me.

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”
Virginia Wolf

1.-The unbearable look in the mirror

A good way to open today is with this video.

These are the statements of Emma Thompson at a press conference at the last Berlinale.

It is vindictive, short —it only lasts 1:30— and powerful (thanks, Angeles).

2.-Engineering that restores mobility

Elena García Armada is the creator of bionic exoskeletons. She was dedicated to manufacturing robots for the industry, but in 2009 an event changed her life: she met Daniela, a quadriplegic girl.

From then on, his priority has been, with the help of sensors and intelligent joints, to build those structures that allow a small miracle: to increase mobility and train those who do not have the ability to move.

The video is 3:34 long (thanks, Marina).

3.- Everyone dance!

A new way of sightseeing or having a good time in your city.

It is an urban tour of the city of Madrid dancing thanks to a technology that synchronizes the group’s headphones: the participants in Bailaloloco Silent Tours can only listen to the music and the voice of the instructors, and from there they move and move as deem more appropriate.

Apparently, it is a very fun and highly contagious experience; the video is only 49 seconds long (thanks, Silvia).

4.-The most expensive living artist in history (overshadowed by Banksy)

The work of English painter Jenny Saville, the most expensive artist in history, explores the female body in a very expressionist way, combining classical figuration with modern abstraction.

In October 2018, after an auction at Sotheby’s, she became the most expensive living artist in history by selling her work Propped for $10.8 million.

To his misfortune, this milestone was totally eclipsed because something exceptional happened in that same auction: it was the day that Banksy executed the show of the destruction of his work Girl with a balloon.

Today doesn’t seem like a bad day to remember what was really the most important news of that night (thanks, Konsu).

5.-We, the women

On the 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a photographic exhibition designed to celebrate the fight for gender equality and female empowerment will be inaugurated at the Dubai Expo and in the metaverse.

It consists of a retrospective of powerful images of women created by women.

The video, up to the end credits, is one minute long (thanks, Carla).

6.-Impressive women

More than once I have shared videos of the People are awesome series here, where different people leave us speechless for what they are capable of doing. Today’s is special because its protagonists are exclusively women.

It lasts 7:49 and shows that there is nothing a woman can’t do (thank you, Gema).

7.-Doors to parallel universes

I was unaware that there were more than 80 gateways to alternative universes. They are scattered throughout several cities; without going any further, there is one in Madrid, in the Plaza de la Luna.

They are the work of Eames Demetrios, self-proclaimed “interdimensional geographer.” Here you can see them all (thanks, Laura).

8.-Do you know Ida Lupino?

Kathryn Bigelow, Jodie Foster, Sofia Coppola, Ava DuVernay, Julie Taymor, Lulu Wang, Carla Simón, Isabel Coixet…

With each passing day it is more and more common to be able to enjoy great films directed by women. In the 1950s, there was only one woman directing movies in Hollywood: Ida Lupino.

Here, a video with images of three of the films of that actress turned into a great director. It lasts 1:50 (thanks, Irene).

Good weekend!

* But what is this ‘The gift of Fridays’?

For more than ten years, every Friday I send an email with a ridiculous title and diverse content to a group of friends. They are contents that have no commitment to current affairs or a fixed theme. It is, rather, what people send me or what I come across during the week that catches my attention and I think is worth sharing. I hope that some of the content, now also available in Yorokobu, has been minimally interesting or entertaining for you. And if not, you know what you should do: don’t read them anymore.

Jose Maria Piera