Friday’s little gift: Advertising pays tribute to Concha Wert


Today I am writing from San Sebastian, where the Creative Club organizes our annual meeting. Fortunately, I have my share of ego more than covered with all the awards obtained here throughout my career, but I confess that I go to this edition with some butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

That said, no matter what happens and whatever the juries have decided, the most emotional moment I will live I know what it is: it will be tomorrow, when Concha Wert, general director of the Club de Creativos since its foundation in 1999 until Last December, a well-deserved Honorary CdeC 2022 for his extraordinary contribution to improving the quality of creative work and for his unconditional defense of creativity as the most powerful tool for business growth.

Congratulations and thank you very much for so much and so good, Concha!

“We are the proud distant relatives of the fairground charlatan, or the Istanbul Grand Bazaar carpet seller, who have probably never questioned the honor and beauty of their trade.”
Tony Segarra

1.-50th anniversary of Nike

It is clear that today is a good day to honor my profession.

One of the greatest exponents of the honorability of my profession —also of its beauty— is Nike advertising. To celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, Spike Lee was commissioned to create this advertising mini-film.

Seen it all lasts 4:30 and in it the past and future of sport… and life come together

2.-Get vaccinated, dude

How to get people to get vaccinated?

Shocking action by Pfizer in Mexico to achieve that goal.

Visible Emergency lasts 1:45

3.-Objective: that the first website be a World Heritage Site

He did not know that the first site that was made on the Internet, created by Berners-Lee in 1990, is still active.

On the occasion of World Internet Day, Fundación Telefónica launched an initiative to have it declared a World Heritage Site. This is the 30-second spot that kicked off the action.

And this is the site, which you can still visit:

4.-NFT of Casa Batlló

Spectacular video mapping of Casa Batlló.

In reality, it is a dynamic NFT that uses artificial intelligence to update itself in real time based on the data it receives from sensors installed in the building itself. It was auctioned off last week and fetched $1.38 million.

The report includes some powerful photographs and, for those who want to see more, a 10-minute video (thanks, Elena)


They say that the greatest bout in history did not occur in a boxing evening, but in this dance contest. It is clear who should have won the match, but it was not.

The loser felt so cheated that he left in tears. The video lasts 3:25

6. Skywalker Sound

George Lucas wanted the sound of his films to be art; this is how Skywalker Sound was born, the sound studio that sublimated the sound of cinema.

If you are interested in this topic, you have to watch this short 16-minute documentary: Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound (thanks, Óscar).

If you don’t have that time, the teaser lasts only one minute.

7.-Ai-Da, an artist is born

Can a robot create art? Ai-Da is an artificial intelligence programmed for it.

He has already exhibited works at the London Design Museum, the Tate Modern, and last week he gave a talk at TEDxOxford, where he explained that his work was highly influenced by Picasso’s Guernica and Doris Salcedo’s Atrabiliarios.

The video lasts 1:13

8.-Sworn enemies who sing together

Finally, music for nostalgic nineties by two giants who won everything, are back and know how to laugh at themselves.

The former enfant terrible of French football and current actor-director Eric Cantona stars in a music video alongside former Oasis singer, BritPop bad boy and now soloist Liam Gallagher. A melancholic and at the same time humorous ballad shot almost entirely in sequence shot.

For football fans, remember that Cantona was a deadly striker for Sir Alex Ferguson’s legendary Manchester United, and the Gallagher brothers are little more than Manchester City hooligans; that is, staunch enemies (thanks, Gonzalo).

Have a nice weekend and congratulations again, Concha.