Friday’s little gift: Don’t let social networks sink your self-esteem


You are beautiful, attractive, intelligent, funny, witty, imaginative, wonderful, sensitive, curious, a fighter, empathetic… You are unique. Let no cliché of any social network tell you otherwise. Let’s start!

“She has no self-confidence, she insatiably craves admiration. She lives in the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She dares not be herself.”
Anais Nin

1.-Would you tell this to your daughter?

Are social networks toxic?

#DetoxYourFeed is Dove’s powerful new campaign to boost self-esteem by raising awareness of a huge issue that’s been talked about a lot but not really addressed.

To give their communication more power of impact, they have used the technique called Deep Fake.

The video lasts 3:45.

2.-Let’s see if you can see it with the volume turned up

The most annoying ad in history?

It’s a teaser for the upcoming Pringles Stay in the game campaign, reminding us that long before the metaverse, artificial intelligence, augmented reality or the internet, there was the 8-bit ZX Spectrum. Specifically, 40 years ago.

It lasts 1:24, which will take you forever if you listen to it at high volume.

3.-What is a celebrity like you doing in an ad like this?

To compensate, a piece that not only doesn’t bother you, but also catches you despite lasting more than five minutes. This is the fashion movie that Calvin Klein broadcast to announce the launch of its Palace line.

Shot in London and New York and with music —and presence— by the Pet Shop Boys, you will see a lot of celebrities starring in it. And weighty cameos, like Willem Dafoe (in triplicate) or Joan Collins.

4.-Tiny plants

I’ve always liked miniatures.

Those of Raya Sader Bujana are especially unique.

5.-Internet according to Bowie

There are people whose lucidity and ability to see beyond is truly amazing; one of them was David Bowie.

In a BBC interview dating back to 1999, Bowie warned Jeremy Paxman about the unimaginable impact this thing called the Internet was going to have on society.

This excerpt from said interview lasts two minutes.

6.-The power of mother nature

Last Friday was World Earth Day. For this reason, the Extinction Rebellion collective presented a very powerful piece with special effects typical of that genre called catastrophe cinema.

Mother Nature’s Power lasts 2:45.

It is worth remembering that the alternative to Earth is that planet called Mars that today looks like this. By the way, the images collected by NASA are of the highest quality.

7.-Netflix threads

Can the Netflix headboard be recreated using only sewing thread?

Kevin Parry proves that if you have three days off and you know stop-motion, you can do a low-cost version of his famous intro.

Long version with full explanation of how he did it; it’s six minutes

Short version; It’s only 30 seconds that includes the very curious final result:

8.-Val d’Aran pays tribute to Pau Donés

To finish, music.

The Aran Valley, or at least a large representation of it, decided to commemorate one of its most illustrious inhabitants: Pau Donés. And he shouted to remind us of one of his most famous phrases: Living is urgent.

Nice and moving tribute to my friend Pau that lasts 5:30 (thanks, Carol; thanks, Jorge; thanks, Josep Maria).


Our eyes are very fixed on Ukraine, but unfortunately, they do not only need our solidarity there. I invite you to learn about two solidarity projects where your collaboration will be very well received.

The first is a challenge that Simon and Mark have set themselves: to cover the distance of 550 kilometers from Utrecht to Paris by bicycle in less than 48 hours for their Thighs of Steel project. This project wants to raise funds for NGOs that help refugees arriving on Greek shores. You can donate here.

The second is an initiative of my nephew Sergio who, on a recent visit to the Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, was impressed with the work being done there by some Spanish and Tanzanian health professionals who, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, work with hardly any means.

Now they need a new operating room. The cost of it is about 60,000 euros, of which 40,000 have already been achieved. To get the remaining amount, through an agricultural cooperative of the Priory, they are marketing a virgin olive oil at a very good price (10 euros).

If you want to receive a good oil at home and contribute to the cause, you can buy it here.

Thank you very much for your initiatives and I hope you raise the amounts you need, Simon, Mark and Sergio.

Very good weekend.