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Friday’s little gift: How big is the universe?


If there is something more immense than the very far away that some of us still see on summer vacations, it is the universe. Let us console ourselves by thinking that there is less left to lie down and leisurely enjoy the enormous beauty of a starry sky in the middle of the field. Let’s start!

“We have found out that we live on an insignificant planet of a sad lost star in a galaxy stuck in a corner of a universe in which there are many more galaxies than people.”
carl sagan

1.-The entire known universe

Although we have been able to detect galaxies located billions of light years from Earth, the consensus among the scientific community is that we only know 5% of the universe.

I enclose an impressive logarithmic map that contains that 5%, that is, the entire known universe.

By the way, there, in a corner of that immensity, we are you and I believing ourselves to be the center of everything.

2.-John Lennon has risen

Perhaps someone missed this wonder.

It happened a few days ago at the Glastonbury Festival while Paul McCartney celebrated his eightieth birthday on stage. Performing I’ve got a feeling, he resurrected John Lennon.

Those who were there surely will not forget these 3:45 in their entire lives (thank you, Álex).

3.-And all a cappella

More material from the same Festival: Jacob Collier, also a winner at Glastonbury, is a specialist in generating complex harmonies with his own voice.

In this song, all a cappella, he recorded hundreds of tracks for a unique version of the famous song Moon River.

The video lasts 8:15 (thanks, Fernando; thanks, Álex)

4.-Annual Festival of Light in Sydney

The colorful spectacle of installations and projections on the most emblematic buildings of the city of Sydney on the occasion of the Annual Festival of Light.

Among them, of course, its iconic Opera House.

known universe

5.-These are views…

Wonderful landscape photos.

known universe

6.-The things of serendipity

Some very curious photographs of Matt Stuart that are daughters of serendipity.

known universe

7.-Ski Cruise

Will we ever see this project come true? Ski Cruise, a cruise that instead of sailing the seas will sail the skies.

This unique luxury flying hotel would seat 5,000 people, be piloted by artificial intelligence, be powered by 20 nuclear-powered engines, and never land.

The video is two minutes long.


To finish, almost four minutes of great peace and tranquility.

Within the Birdsong project, Yo-Yo Ma fuses the sound of her cello with the song of the birds in a beautiful and dense forest.

Good weekend.