Friday’s little gift: Learning to be different from childhood


It has always been said that childhood is the ideal time in a person’s life to learn. The lessons we receive as children mark the way for us. Depending on what we experienced at that age, we can become fighting or cowardly adults; in resilient or well-off people; into lovers or haters. What did you learn as a child? Let’s start!

“Each act of conscious learning requires a willingness to suffer an injury to one’s self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their self-esteem, learn more easily».
Thomas Szasz

1.-Learning to be different

To begin with, something in which I have participated together with a group of parakeet advertising friends and of which I feel especially proud.

This is the season ticket campaign for my beloved RCD Espanyol for the next season. It focuses on children and tells us about pride, courage, bravery, realism, resilience… But, above all, it tells us about how important it is to prepare for real life.

Learning to be different lasts a minute (thanks to all of you who have made it possible, that you are many and many; but in a special way, thanks to my brother Sergio for daring to do it with the very little time we gave him for it) .

2.-The rhythm does not get old

Very good roll.

It is very possible that you have already seen this video because it has run a lot on WhatsApp; if so, I am convinced that you will not mind seeing it again.

It shows a group of veterans who have the rhythm in their blood and, in a way, they remind us of the human chains of the mythical music program Soul Train.

It lasts a minute (thank you, Jordi).

3.-What is the weather like in…?

Are you interested in meteorology?

Temperature, wind chill, wind speed, precipitation, cloud cover, air pressure, humidity, pollution… The most complete information about any place in the world in real time.

4.-Nature never ceases to amaze us

Very powerful nature photographs.

learn to be different

5.-Do you want to know what the world will be like in the future?

A website that proposes us to discover what the future will be like. You can browse it by themes, by cities, by decades…

As an example, a speculation about what a Barcelona square will be like in 2050.

learn to be different

6.-Wimbledon 2022: The stage awaits

Wimbledon arrives and with it come great tennis sessions. And for the privileged who can experience it live, traditions such as eating strawberries or enjoying one or more Pimm’s.

“The stage awaits” is one minute long.

7.-Incredible but true

There are abilities that are so amazing that they border on incredulity.

Ángel Alvarado was able to solve three Rubik’s cubes at the same time in just over four minutes… while juggling those cubes.


8.-Musical zoetrope

To finish, music.

Pharrell Williams’ latest video clip has caught my attention. Recreate the zoetrope that I shared the other day from Pixar using the stop motion technique.

An interesting visual bet of 3:45 duration.

Good weekend.