Friday’s little gift: Nobody writes letters anymore


Opening the post office box today is a boring and almost unpleasant experience. If there is an envelope inside, it is most likely an invoice, a medical appointment or a communication from an official body (which does not usually bring good news). But there was a time, not as long ago as we think, that writing letters even created its own literary genre, the epistolary. Don’t you miss it? Let’s start!

«I knew someone who, when he wrote a letter, put the most important thing in the postscript, as if it were something accidental.
Sir Francis Bacon

1.-The letter of Columbus

The round trip of Christopher Columbus in 1492 as never before had been narrated.

A very unique piece of animation created by Pedro Sandoval from the letter that Columbus sent to the Catholic Monarchs describing said trip.

The Casa de Alba Foundation, owner of the letter, has presented this animated video this week at the Davos Economic Forum to publicize the first NFT that they are going to put on the market reproducing said letter. Columbus letters lasts 4:30 (thanks, Alberto).

2.-If you have vertigo, don’t look at this

Only for people who do not know vertigo. The largest suspension bridge in the world has just been inaugurated in the Czech Republic: Sky Bridge 721.

The presentation video of this ambitious work that, as its name suggests, reaches 721 meters, lasts only 17 seconds.

3.-Pixar’s zoetrope

I already shared this video a long time ago, but I watched it again this week. I have remembered the impact that seeing the zoetrope designed by Pixar in an exhibition caused me and I have wanted to include it again in this little gift on Fridays.

Pixar Zoetrope is two minutes long.

4.-Fusion between nature and human being

Curious photographs by Jeanne Simmons where nature merges with people creating a very peculiar effect.

5.-Let a horse answer your emails

A very unique advertising campaign from the Icelandic Tourist Office.

How can you disconnect even more there? Perhaps letting their famous native horses answer your emails?

Outhorse your email lasts 54 seconds.

6.-That influencer sounds familiar…

Behind @Miss_Unsatisfaction on Instagram; @Let_MeBe on Twitter; @Nobody on YouTube and from the Spotify playlist titled We’re all mad here were actually Madame Bovary, Hamlet, Ulysses and Alice from Wonderland.

Brilliant action by some students from the Instituto Europeo di Design for the Penguin publishing house, turning famous literary characters into influencers.

The Eternal Influencers video lasts 2 minutes (thanks, Xavi).

7.-Who wants order!

The action of this short starts in a perfectly designed modern house, impeccable, tidy, where everything is in its place.

In that tidy interior, some objects will begin to take on a life of their own until the order of that idyllic place is destroyed.

The revolt lasts 3:10.

8.-Eternal Rolling Stones

Last September started the last? The Rolling Stones tour in Saint Louis. As I am already quite old, the first time I saw them was a thousand years ago in the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Barcelona, ​​where I went with my aunt Carmina (I miss you, Carmina).

This Wednesday they will be back in these parts, specifically at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, where I will be lucky enough to see them again, this time without Carmina and, unfortunately, now without Charlie Watts (I am sure we will also miss him a lot).

For those of you who aren’t going to be there, in case you fancy a couple of hours of great live music by the indefatigable Stones, here’s the Saint Louis show from start to finish.

It’s two and a half hours

Good weekend.