Friday’s treat: Face danger and wake up your mind


We tend to run away from it because it scares us, scares us and tests our survival instinct. But danger can have its positive side: it stimulates our senses, makes us alert and forces us to pay attention to everything around us. Who knows if in one of those visions we do not find what it is that we are looking for. Let’s start!

“Danger awakens the sleeping mind; it makes us see some things more clearly.”
Patrick Rothfuss

1.-Do you take a bath?

This is possibly the wildest pool in the world.

It is in the Victoria Falls, on the border of Zambia with Zimbabwe, and is known as “the pool of hell”.

The video is only 6 seconds long.

2.-Vertigo flight

A spectacular drone tour of the Tesla gigafactory in Berlin.

Just as impressive as the factory is the skill of the pilot of that drone.

The video lasts 2:55

3.-The great Jack Nicholson

They say this is the best acceptance speech for a movie award ever seen or heard.

It was given by Jack Nicholson when, a few years ago, he received the BAFTA for best actor for his roles in The last detail and Chinatown.

As a curiosity, he recorded it on the set where One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was filming, with which he won the Oscar for Best Actor the following year.

The video lasts three minutes and has no waste.

4.-Land-art by Jon Foreman

It is not the first time that the so-called land-art appears here. In this case, by the hand of Jon Foreman and his extraordinary sculptures made with small stones and seashells.

5.-What does a homeless like you do in a metaverse like this?

I present to you Will, the first homeless to walk through the metaverse.

Created in France by the NGO Entourage, Will confronts us with some of the enormous paradoxes in which we live.

The video lasts 1:05

6.-Chicago in collage format

Spectacular collage to honor the architecture of the city of Chicago and the activism of its inhabitants.

It serves to introduce the text Chicago, by Lance Skiiiwlker. It is the work of Joao Pombeiro and lasts 3:25.

7.-Slow Horses, from Apple TV + (and a certain Mick Jagger)

The talent that television series productions are capturing is extraordinary.

As an example of this, the new Apple TV + series Slow Horses, impeccably produced and that has a top-level technical and artistic team.

But what I want to highlight about it today is its no less extraordinary musical theme composed and performed by a certain Mick Jagger.

The Strange Game lyric video is 3:25 long (thanks, Gonzalo).

8.- The Music Time Machine

To finish, one of those links where you can stay for hours and hours: it is an initiative of different disc jockeys from all over the world called The Music Time Machine. A website where you can click on any country on the world map and, in a lower menu, choose a decade from 1900 to 2010.

To give you an idea, I’ll tell you about my first ten songs heard there. I clicked in Spain and in the 1900s I got a sardana performed by La Principal de la Bisbal; in 1910, the Sevillian No. 1 of La Niña de los Peines; in the 80s, one of the Brincos; in the 90s, the famous Piensa en mí, by Luz Casal and in the section Right now, the song Goodbye, my loves, performed by Charlotte.

Then I tried other countries: in Jamaica, the 80’s and Willy Williams appeared with his Easy; in the UK, the 70s —McCartney’s Wings played— and the 80s, where I was able to listen to the brilliant Dear Prudence, by the Siouxie and the Banshees. I traveled to France in the 1960s to enjoy Josephine Baker and in the United States, in Right Now, I was played by Changes, by Los Muertos.

That said: to get lost.

danger awakens the mind


Are we witnessing the birth of something that is going to change our way of living, socializing and working? A turning point that is going to modify technology, the economy and society as we know them? Something that is going to have an impact comparable to that of the irruption of the Internet in our lives?

You will find all the answers in Metaverses, the great immersive revolution, the highly recommended book by my colleague Óscar Peña that Anaya has just published. The first in Spanish on this current topic.

Very good weekend.