Future lives: The little prince looks for a successor


The prince of asteroid B612 returned home after a 25-year journey through the galaxy. He still has a boyish face and eyes free of mischief.

As soon as he set foot on the asteroid, the two active volcanoes staged controlled eruptions as a tribute, and the red rose swayed to the official anthem (Debussy’s Moonlight). After the brief ceremony, the prince issued an official statement:


I am pleased to announce the opening of a market for solidarity purposes.

In it, objects collected during my travels that I cannot keep due to space issues will be put up for sale. The objects can be examined on a floating boat anchored to an extinct volcano.

Inside there is a snake with surprise, a combat plane from the First World War of Earth, maps of invented countries, a sack of roasted buckwheat, six Fernandina streetlights, a desert hourglass… and so on up to a hundred objects.

The proceeds will go entirely to refugees from the conflict between mermaids and selenites.

After this statement and unofficially, the prince commented on his experience in the war. “The mermaids blamed the selenites for not complying with the agreed tides,” said the prince. «During the conflict, going from one place to another, I became interested in photography. He searched every battlefield for a hint of beauty. As long as there is beauty, hope will not die.

The photographs taken during the conflict were exhibited at the Tate Gallery in London to critical acclaim. On the day of the exhibition she met Andy Wharhol, then unknown. Wharhol was inspired by the Little Prince to create his personal look: blond wigs with a new awakened style and a bow tie.

After the exhibition, the Little Prince continued his tour of the galaxy until he decided it was time to return to B612. “Although on my asteroid there is not much to see, I love it,” said the Prince. Then, among his future plans is the publication of two books: Order your asteroid: the magic of minimalism and How to train your rose to be self-sufficient.

He raised the possibility of a supply station for space travelers and did not rule out wedding plans. “I will not live forever. I think of succession. When it is not there, the asteroid will need someone to take care of it and prevent the roots of a baobab tree from destroying it.