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Game Of Outlaws Episode 16  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Game Of Outlaws Episode 16 Raw Scans, Previously on Game Of Outlaws Episode 15, And More.

It is a Thai drama full of action and thriller.

Game Of Outlaws Episode 15 Highlights:

Singh’s boss was revealed who was the politician Wachin. Lalisa wants to use Mavin as a source in order to reach out to the Black Mask. There is increasing tension between Lalisa and Captain Phongsathorn. It seems Lalisa wishes to be promoted to the position of Captain so that she can be the head of all the cases which Captain Phongsathorn will execute.

   Meanwhile, Not went on a mission where he blows down Songklod’s complete warehouse. Jane returns to work, and when she comes to know about Lalisa’s move, she confronted her. She wanted her to live a life with dignity. Jane is afraid that the deal Lalisa has made can affect her in the future. She may not be wrong about it because the people Lalisa is dealing with for them being the worst is just a myth.

Game Of Outlaws Episode 16 Spoilers:

After Rita’s attack, we got to know that someone from Mavin’s gang was helping the opponent. Will Mavin ever be able to get to know about this treachery? With only a few episodes left, Game Of Outlaws is attempting to give closure to the characters. However, with interesting twists and turns. The audience will be eager to know if all the character’s story ends on a good note or blow in another direction.

    With Lalisa becoming the Captain, it will be quite difficult for Captain Phongsathorn to pass any drastic comment. However, it’s going to be a hard life for him because he even targeted her for using Mavin in order to gain this position. Will Mavin ever get to know about Lalisa’s true intentions that the interesting question of which answer is to be revealed in this episode?

Game Of Outlaws Episode 16 Release Date:

It will release 22nd December 2021. It will be telecasted on its original network Channel 3 and is also available on Netflix.


  • Nont
  • Janenaree
  • Mavin
  • Lalisa
  • Anya
  • Khajorn
  • Phin
  • Wichan
  • Jomkwan
  • Sanchai
  • Phongsathorn
  • Songklod
  • Rita
  • Chat
  • Tong
  • Worawat
  • Sakda
  • Nuan
  • Hia Tek
  • Yut
  • Lamoon
  • Sarin

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