Games Like Call Of Duty – Top 5 Games Like Call Of Duty


Today, I will show you Top 5 games like call of duty, games picked here are my personal favorites and not been copied from any source.

1. World War 3           Games Like Call Of Duty

games like call of duty

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  • This game is a game most battlefield loyalists will recognize.
  • It was once deemed the battlefield killer unfortunately it didn’t actually do that.
  • It struggled with a rough launch with server issues optimizations and bugs.
  • However, after the rough launch, the team did some damage control and began fixing them to bring it where it is today.
  • The player numbers tend to dip fairly low before the next patch comes.

2. Insurgency Sandstorm           Games Like Call Of Duty

games like call of duty

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  • Definitely a much more hardcore game than what you’ve probably played.
  • It gives you a very low time to kill your enemy.
  • Now we’re talking about one-two-three bullets and you’ve got to be quick with your aim.
  • If your connection is slow you could have a rough time.
  • This game is about learning the maps utilizing flanks and keeping your head down.
  • Now, this is the second installment in the insurgency series with the original insurgency still hosting a decent player base and great community mods.
  • So that may be a good pickup as well now the overall goal of insurgency is to be as realistic as possible.

3. Escape From Tarkov

games like call of duty

  • Escape From Tarkov is along the same lines as insurgency when it comes to realism but a lot more in-depth picture.
  • A very hardcore fallout 76 lots of shooting lots of looting and lots of dying.
  • While this isn’t strictly the PvP that you’re used to when it comes to Call of Duty.
  • It certainly is helpful to hone your hardcore and tactical skills minimal hood load time to kill and very very slow pacing.
  • However, The gunplay in this game is ridiculously good with recoil on some weapons being more extreme than others.

4.Rainbow 6 Siege

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  • The previous titles I’ve mentioned required a somewhat beefy PC to run
  • Now, This one is actually going to be a little bit easier.
  • This is probably the most popular game on the list and it has its own place in ESports gaming.
  • Now, I would say this game is also a little slower-paced where the map knowledge is crucial.
  • It is also a hero shooter game so you’ve got to understand each character and their special abilities or equipment.
  • While black ops 4 was a hero shooter as well it appears modern warfare is going to shift from this and return more to the equal infantry mechanic.
  • The gunplay in terms of recoil control reloading appears to be very similar to what modern warfare is bringing.
  • The lean mechanic to hopefully gain an advantage around corners is also a highly utilized feature.

 5.Hired Ops

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  • Now, This one in my opinion appears to be the most similar in regards to gunplay pacing and overall mechanics of Call of Duty.
  • It’s free-to-play created by a team that used to be associated with the escape from Tarkov game.
  • This game has similarities when it comes to the environment even though from what I know these two teams aren’t associated anymore.
  • It uses some of the same assets from Tarkov, Some of the same names, and.
  • Some of the same items in the game.
  • When it comes to scorestreaks and boosts it definitely does have the core mechanics of Call of Duty.

In conclusion, We hope now you know all Games Like Call Of Duty.


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