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Rebecca Budig is widely recognized as Greenlee Smythe on ABC’s All My Children, which ended its run ten years ago. Since 2012, she has played Hayden Barnes in General Hospital.

According to hospital news reports, actress Rebecca Budig has spoken about an actual-life experience that matches the drama she performs on television. Except this time, when her job was done, she couldn’t put it away.

In 2014, Budig faced the birth of her daughter and revealed that Rebecca was discovered to have postpartum depression and anxiety at the age of 5 months.

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Monica’s mother was unhappy and may have been experiencing some hard times in the midst of a time she thought would be happy. In an recent interview with Soaps In Depth, Budig discussed her experience.

“What I thought would be the most enjoyable time in my life turned out to be one of the most difficult,” Rebecca mentioned.

Source: soapoperanews,com

“Many women experience it, but I was overcome by guilt. There’s a lot of stress when you have a kid. It all starts with breastfeeding and never ends.”

According to news stories from General Hospital, Budig has utilized her expertise to produce something useful, with the assistance of a friend, Michael Easton (GH’s Hamilton Finn). “One day I told my buddy, actor/producer/writer Michael Easton, about what I was going through. He encouraged me to write it down.

“I wrote and shot this film — under Michael’s supervision — with the goal of sharing it with others so that one woman would not feel alone. That a loved one might notice how someone is feeling.”

In the Instagram trailer below, you may catch a glimpse of her new short film.

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