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Getter Robo Arc Episode 4  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Getter Robo Arc Episode 4, Spoilers, Recap of Getter Robo Arc Episode 4, And more.

Getter Robo Arc is a Japanese series directed by Jun Kawagoe. it was Written by Tadasi Hayakawa by bee media.

 Previously On Getter Robo Arc Episode 3 :

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After knowing about the truth in the past Baku and Takuma joined kamuis team. After their first mission, they go missing and the building keeps on burning. The warriors said these brats are irreplaceable and must find them soon. The ninja Perseus Takuma at a young age and calls out his mom’s name. He managed to escape the village and go to another town where all welcome him and the teacher trains Takuma to become a strong and powerful warrior.

Takuma worries about the same food they serve him daily in the new house but martial artists told him that food is essential for his practice. In the past, Takuma’s mother praises and teased her husband after carrying Takuma in her arms and explains the love sparkle between them. One day a guy arrived and Takuma’s mother thinks it’s a dojo challenge. The guy reveals that he is a member of an organization and searching for getter rays and she realizes he is here to take Takuma.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 4 Release Date:

The releasing date for ” Getter Robo Arc ” for episode 4 is school scheduled on 25th July 2021. You can watch Getter Robo arc on the ANIPLUS and HIDIVE.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 4 Countdown:

Getter Robo Arc Characters

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The main cast includes:

Takuma Nagare: A-19-year old boy and the only son of Ryoma Nagare. He is one of the original Getter Team pilots.

 Sho Kamui: A-19 year old Human-Dinosaur hybrid. Sho is the only son of Emperor Gore. He is the former ruler of the Dinosaur Empire.

Baku Yamagishi: A 22-year old Zen Buddhist monk. Baku was the younger brother of Messiah Tyr.

 Hayato Jin: One of the original 3 Getter Pilots and current head of the Saotome Institute.

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