Ghetto Living, the rapper originally from Izabal signed with Universal Studios


We feel very proud! The rapper originally from Izabal, Ghetto Living Recently signed with Universal Studios, one of the most important production houses in the music industry. What a chili!

The Guatemalan is recognized as an important referent within the rap scenenoted for his FreeStyle and ingenuity in his musical compositions.

Ghetto Living, the rapper originally from Izabal signed with Universal Studios

Rogelio Eulalio Lino Arana, better known as Ghetto Living, signed as professional artist with one of the most important record companies in the world, Universal Studios, this after participating and becoming known in several international championships.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Guatemalan rapper along with two people are several trophies. (Credits: @ghettoliving_)

On his social networks, the artist shared: «Last Friday I turned 4 years after my complete decision with music.
The very phrase “I come with everything” which was my first post on all my official social networks fully explains what happened. It was not easy. The ones I thought I would have by my side were the ones who made me doubt my decision the most and those I never thought to call brothers today I can assure you that I give everything for them. This is one of the biggest steps in my career. Same as for many it will go unnoticed, but for me and mine it is and will be infinite happiness.

Ghetto Living: From singing on buses to signing with Universal

His life story has impacted several people, since started singing in the vans of our country, over time it became known in national events and abroad until it became one of the greatest references of the genre.

In 2019, he won second place in the runner-up “The Fucking King 2019” that took place in Argentina. From that event she was considered a revelation and became one of the FreeStyle favorites. Congratulations on this achievement!

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