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Gigi Pezzarossi, Guatemalan singer who shines in Spain


Gigi Pezarossi is a Guatemalan singer who shines in Spain and who has currently stood out for his participation in the program «I see how you sing” of Antenna 3which is one of the most popular Spanish competitions in that country.

Pezarossi has drawn attention in this show for his talent and beautiful voice. What a chili!

Gigi Pezzarossi, Guatemalan singer who shines in Spain

Gigi Pezzarossi is a Guatemalan singer and songwriter who lives in Madrid since 2006, and who specializes in gospel, R&B, blues and soul. For 16 years she has made an effort to represent Guatemala in Spain.

Currently, she participates in the “I see how you sing” contest, as the spinning instructor. One of the most representative performances of her and that she left everyone with their mouths open, was when she sang “Proud Mary”, by the famous singer Tina Turner.

Gigi Pezzarossi’s career

During his professional career he has participated in numerous projects with Spanish and international artists, in addition to lending his voice to different radio jingles.

It is also part of the Living Water Gospel Choir (directed by Susana Fernández, Samuel Álvarez and Paul Gordon). He has participated for six years in international and national tours together with Janine Dyer (The X Factor) and Tracey Riggan, the pianist peter daley, james thompson, Isaiah Raymond Dyer or the vocal coach Priscilla Jones Campbell on stages such as the National Auditorium, the Circo Price Theater or the Lope de Vega Theater.

Since 2018 it is part of the Gospel Factory Choir accompanying artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Melendi and Pitingo, Jorge Drexler, among others.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Gigi Pezarossi with her hair down and a black tank top. (Credits: Facebook Gigi Pezarossi).

His successes as a solo singer

In 2020 he released his first single And I lose myself in your eyes» an R&B song in Spanish with a high emotional content produced in Madrid by Green Dinero. In 2021 he released his second single “Perfect man».

If you want to know more about this Guatemalan singeryou can find her on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook as Gigi Pezzarossi.

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