Gran Turismo 7 has been unplayable for several hours due to server maintenance


On Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 a.m. Spanish peninsular time, the Gran Turismo 7 servers entered maintenance mode to implement patch 1.07, a routine and apparently uncomplicated task that had to last two hours. However, a problem with the patch has forced maintenance to be extended and the servers have already been offline for more than 12 hours. Polyphony Digital has not offered more information and Sony has not commented.

In games with an online multiplayer component, taking servers offline for maintenance is a common process, but Gran Turismo 7 requires a permanent Internet connection to access virtually all of its content, so PS4 and PS5 users have more 12 hours without being able to play. The Polyphony Digital title needs to connect to the servers to access the single-player campaign, the GT Cafe (which is considered a key experience), the Skin Editor, Scapes, GT Auto…

Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, told EuroGamer in an interview that the requirement for an internet connection in Gran Turismo 7 is intended to prevent players from cheating by modifying save data.

The only content PS4 and PS5 players can access while Gran Turismo 7 has the servers down are Arcade Race on World Circuits and Music Rally. It is unknown how much longer the servers will be offline. For now they have been out of play for more than half a day. This fiasco adds to the dissatisfaction of some players with the microtransactions present in Gran Turismo 7, which allows you to get cars with credits, a currency that is earned by playing or in exchange for real money.

Regarding the patch whose implementation has caused this incident, one of its main novelties is the introduction of a Broadcast Mode that eliminates all music tracks that can trigger a notice of copyright infringement. The update also adjusts some rewards and fixes a number of bugs.