Grupo Bronco in Guatemala: The three concerts that will take place in November 2022


Ranchera song lovers will once again be able to enjoy the music of the Bronco group in Guatemala, which in November 2022 will be performing three concerts in different parts of the country. Here we tell you more details about the dates and the municipalities that will be able to enjoy these concerts.

Through their social networks, the Mexican group announced each of the dates and countries they would visit on their 2022 tour, named «The Horses Let Go«, and Guatemala was one of the chosen ones. According to the published image, there will be three concerts that Bronco will have in the country.

Where will the concerts of the Bronco group be in Guatemala?

The 2022 tour of the Bronco group began at the beginning of the year and so far has visited cities in Mexico, USA Y Ecuador. In the case of the concerts in Guatemala, one of the last dates of the tour will be part of it.

These are the dates and places where the Bronco group will be on its way through Guatemala:

Guatemala cityGuatemala: Thursday November 10QuetzaltenangoQuetzaltenango: Friday November 11thCobanAlta Verapaz: Saturday 12th of November

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Billboard with the dates of the Tour Se Soltaron los Caballos, which includes Guatemala. (Credits: Bronco)

What a chili! Are you ready to sing your favorite songs? Stay tuned for more details on the tickets, their prices and the dates they will start selling.

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