Guatemalan actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar participated in the NBC series Chicago PD


The Guatemalan Benjamin Levy Aguilar continues to be successful. The actor participated in the acclaimed series Chicago P.D. airing on NBC. What a chili! In it he plays an officer who is involved in the resolution of several cases.

Levy Aguilar participates in episodes of the season 9 of the plot and through his social networks he shared with his followers about said achievement.

Guatemalan Benjamin Levy Aguilar participates in the Chicago PD series

Benjamin has become a benchmark for Guatemala before the world in terms of acting, his career and talent have led him to get important roles and share the stage with world-renowned actors such as Kim Cattrall, from Sex and the City, Kristen Bell, among others.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Guatemalan actor with another actor dressed as a policeman inside a car. (Credits: Instagram Benjamin Levy)

In Chicago PD the Guatemalan plays Officer Dante Torres, the unit’s new cop in episode 18 titled New Guard. In the episode he performs several action scenes and according to the followers of the series, his participation has not gone unnoticed.

On this occasion he acted alongside actor Jesse Lee Soffer, known as detective Jay Halstead. This is not the first time that he has participated in Chicago PD, since in 2019, he played Franco Chavaro in season 7. What a chilero!

Benjamin, the Guatemalan who has shown that dreams do come true

Its beginnings were as one of the Glee series extras, «I was always proud of what I did, even if it was something small. From making music videos that reached a million views on YouTube, to those small roles. The casting that changed his life was the one he did for Fox, in which he participated with renowned actress Kim Cattrall in Filthy Rich.

His career has been on the rise, and he is already emerging as one of the great promises of cinema worldwide. become part of the Netflix series #1: The woman from the house in front of the girl in the window. Read the interview that conducted with the actor.

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