Guatemalan Héctor Sandarti is visiting Guatemala, April 2022


The Guatemalan Héctor Sandarti is visiting Guatemala. Through his social networks, he has shared part of his trip that recently began in our country. What a chili!

Héctor Sandarti arrived in Guatemala on April 3, a time he has taken advantage of to enjoy with his family. Through his Instagram, the Guatemalan shared a video in a well-known restaurant.

Guatemalan Héctor Sandarti is visiting Guatemala, April 2022

Héctor Sandarti was born in Guatemala on June 27, 1968. After graduating from high school, he began looking for opportunities and it was in Mexico where he developed his artistic career. Despite the distance, he has always had our country in mind.

In his official account he shared a photo with his wife on the plane announcing his arrival in the country. That same night he published a video where he was seen sharing a delicious dinner in the famous revolving restaurant, located in Zone 15, designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees in one hour, which allows you to appreciate unique views of Guatemala City while enjoying a delicious menu. prepared to satisfy the palates.

in the morning cHe shared with his followers the view from his hotel in the city. His followers expressed their joy at learning that the driver is in the country, messages like “Welcome home” can be read in the comments.

A Guatemalan who is a pride

Despite the distance, Héctor Sandarti keeps Guatemala present at all times. On several occasions he has shared beautiful images of the country, he has been seen wearing the shirt of the National Soccer Team and even makes short trips to visit his family.

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