Guatemalans will be able to win Meet & Greet with Daddy Yankee in Sprite’s Chill Promo


“The last turn” is the tour of daddy yankee that has greatly moved reggaeton fans around the world for being his farewell to his musical career. Before this great event Sprite launched its Chill Promowith which you could win a Meet & Greet in Colombia with this artist known as the “King of Reggaeton”. Batteries then! We tell you how to participate.

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Great prizes you can win with the Sprite Chill Promo in Guatemala

Fill your body and mind with rhythm with the music of Daddy Yankee! Sprite lemon-lime flavor now also brings you the opportunity to enter for great prizes with the singer and more. In each bottle of Sprite of the Chill Promo you will find a QR code, scan it to be directed to the Sprite page, where you will be asked for personal information to enter the lottery.

Once on the website, you can choose instant rewards such as music memberships or discount coupons on a McDonald’s Chill Combo. The best thing is that you can also participate in an exclusive meeting with Daddy Yankee in one of his next performances in Colombia. Do not miss it!

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Travel to Colombia and meet Daddy Yankee in person

Javier Meza, Vice President of Marketing for Coca-Cola Latin America, commented: “The collaboration with Daddy Yankee will be a great opportunity to travel and live a unique experience. We are sure that it will be a great moment of true freshness for Sprite.”

Enjoy an exciting ride with upbeat music and meet one of your favorite artists in person. What a chili! The Chill Promo will be available until August 31, 2022, so we recommend you cool off as much as you can with a cold bottle of Sprite.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Karen Colomer, Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola Guatemala and William Segura, Manager of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability for Coca-Cola Central America next to a poster of Daddy Yankee. (Credit:

On the other hand, Daddy Yankee expressed: “Life consists of having fun and taking a moment to enjoy your favorite music. That’s why I’m happy to join Sprite in this campaign and invite people to relax, chili it, participate and win an exclusive encounter, Meet & Greet, on my next tour “.