Guatemalans won trip to Las Vegas in Dorada ICE Beer Pong Tournament 2022


ICE Bream is the ideal beer to have a good time with your friends and to prove it, every year they celebrate their beer pong tournament, which brings great prizes for Guatemalans. This 2022 several teams participated in an exciting final, where two people managed to obtain a all paid trip to las vegas.

Meet the winners of the Dorada ICE Beer Pong Tournament 2022

The qualifiers began in May 2022 during various events organized in some of the most lively places in the country. The participants attended Selina Antigua, Selina Pana, Jack’s Place, Cocorí and Bar Docecompeting to prove who was the best.

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During the games there were exciting moments, bringing out the attitude that characterizes Guatemalans so much. Subsequently, five couples faced each other in the grand finale of the 2022 Beer Pong Tournament.

Tournament awarded 2 Guatemalans with a trip to Las Vegas

The event featured a live DJ, promotional prize roulette and lots of ICE Gold. The final took place in Akúa Guatemala in Zone 16 of the Guatemala city 11th June.

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Each couple faced each other in 3 rounds, where the competitors who qualified in the semifinal were: Bar Doce against Jack’s Place and Selina Pana against Selina Antigua. Finally, it was Bar Twelve and Selina Antigua who participated in the last contest, in which Selina Antigua emerged victorious.

It was a moment that was lived between shouts of emotion, dance, laughter and celebration. The two members of this team were Daniel Royer and Ricardo Leiva, who will enjoy the all-expenses-paid double trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. What a chili!

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Daniel Royer and Ricardo Leiva, winners of the tournament, pose with two cans of Dorada ICE beer. (Credit:

During the heats, the participants played with plastic cups with water inside, an action focused on promoting hygiene in the social environment. After each participation Dorada ICE was in charge of disinfecting the tables and all the utensils, in this way it was possible to maintain hygiene to protect the health of the attendees.