Gurman: Apple Is Expected To Host A Virtual Event In March Or April To Introduce The iPhone SE 3.

The iPhone SE 2 is reportedly “in the works” according to a report by Bloomberg, but it’s not expected until 2020. Instead, Apple is likely to hold a virtual event in March or April to announce another iPhone SE  as well as an update for AirPods and new iPad models with Face ID, per Gurman:

The iPhone SE 3 is reportedly “in the works” per a report by Bloomberg, but it’s not expected until 2020. Apple is unlikely to hold a physical event for this phone, and instead will likely announce it via a virtual event in March or April per Gurman :

SE is pretty much the only model where Apple still implements a physical home button, but instead of it being powered by the same OS-level button as the other iPhones, it has its own separate embedded fingerprint sensor.

Gurman: Apple likely to hold virtual event in March or April to announce iPhone SE 3

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SE also lacks 3D Touch and comes with an old A9 chip that’s nearly 2x slower than the flagship models’ chips. And while iOS 13 brings Face ID to the phone, it lacks a second camera lens and doesn’t support portrait mode.

SE also comes in a more compact form factor with a smaller 4″ display. But recently, Apple discontinued both of its other compact phones: iPhone 5 SE  and iPhone 6  SE . This further suggests that the SE line for 2019 will be just the SE 3, not a new 5 or 6.

CFB reported in mid-2018 that this year’s SE would have an A10 Fusion chip instead of the old A9, and 3GB RAM instead of 2GB. It also said that it’d be available in just one color option—gold—and have only 16GB storage capacity.

Apple also hasn’t upgraded the phone’s front camera to a TrueDepth sensor capable of taking portrait selfies or augmented reality face filters. And it still has a standard headphone jack instead of a new model that uses the company’s proprietary Lightning port.

In addition to iPhone SE 3, Apple is rumored to debut new iPad models with TrueDepth sensors and Face ID. Bloomberg reported that the new iPad Pros will have 11 and 12.9-inch screens, compared to current models’ 10.5 and 12.9-inch displays, and no Home button:

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Apple’s current lineup of iPhones models consists of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The company hasn’t introduced an SE model since last year, and it’s been a long time since the iPhone 5 SE.

Apple is expected to hold its annual March event at the Steve Jobs Theater on its new Cupertino campus, but will likely also Livestream the virtual keynote on its website.

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