Halo Infinite will receive the cooperative campaign in August


343 Industries has published a roadmap with the content that Halo Infinite will receive over the next few months with season 2 called Lone Wolves and season 3. One of the main news is that the development team plans to launch the mode online cooperative for the campaign at the end of August, while the Forge mode should be available in September through an open beta.

The roadmap published by 343 Industries tells us that Lone Wolves Season 2 will kick off on May 3 and come to an end on November 7. From day one, Halo Infinite players will have two new maps at their disposal: Catalyst (Arena) and Breaker (Big Team Battle). Three new game modes will also be introduced: in King of the Hill, two teams fight for a hill; In Land Grab there are three neutral zones that must be controlled; and in Last Spartan Standing the last player standing wins.

Like the rest of the Halo Infinite seasons, Lone Wolves will also be accompanied by a Battle Pass with 100 levels and different events, two of them narrative. And if all goes according to plan, the option to play the campaign in an online cooperative mode will be implemented at the end of August. By the same dates a mode to repeat the campaign missions should also be available. For split-screen co-op, you’ll have to wait, as it won’t arrive until sometime in Season 3, which starts on November 8.

For the start of Season 3, Halo Infinite players can look forward to new maps, modes, events, and quality of life improvements. In addition, work will continue on the open beta of Forge, which will be available for about two months by then. Regarding this mode, 343 Industries has commented that the decision to make it available to players through an open beta responds to their desire to deliver it as soon as possible. The study maintains that during private tests and with a limited audience everything has worked well.

In its message, 343 Industries understands that some Halo Infinite players may be frustrated by having to wait for some features and news. However, Joseph Staten, creative director of Halo Infinite, says that the studio is taking the time it needs to develop content at a pace that is good for the team’s health.