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Hernán Medford: ‘And the good thing, what? They are talking about the leader, who is Herediano’


“We simply lacked intensity in the second half,” said Hernán Medford, after Herediano was winning the match against Alajuelense with a brace from Gerson Torres and the duel ended with a 2-2 draw at Fello Meza.

Herediano threw himself at Alajuelense with the first expulsion. What happened next to make the game 2-2?

We simply made mistakes like they do in football and in the end we didn’t get the score we wanted, which was victory. The double effort in the second half was made by Alajuela. It is a team of respect, it is part of what must be analyzed as well and they made an effort in the second half, they took from the inside and tied the game for us.

I don’t leave happy, because we had to seek victory for having an extra man at some point, because one of us was expelled when a good time was missing. That has nothing to do with anything, because I’m aware that we stopped doing things in the second half, which was having more of the ball.

We’re still in first place, we’re still leaders, we’re still undefeated, so we have to give Heredia credit. It’s not all bad either.

If someone wants to find that everything is bad, they are wrong, they are talking to the leader, super leader of the championship. We did not good things, but don’t focus only on the bad.

Diay… I’m going to sit here so they can throw stones at me only with the bad. And the good, what? They are talking about the leader, who is from Herediano.

It’s just that sometimes we only talk about the bad. Sometimes one says what the touch is there, let’s see when they throw me a question about something positive that Heredia did.

Yeltin Tejeda was not there. Doesn’t Herediano resent that type of casualties of key players who are not due to expulsion or injury?

I always talk about the team, I trust all my players and anyone can play. In the team everyone is important, if someone is indispensable it is no longer a team. From one game to another you have to change and there are the boys. In the end, I give credit to Alajuela for what he did in the last minutes and I give all the credit to Heredia who did well for a good part of the game.

We remain in the first place, we remain leaders and we just keep adding, we are going to stay there, it depends only on us.

Do you think the players are confused about which fouls are called and which are not, because they kept waiting and didn’t call them?

They have to ask the referees that question and I don’t want to mess with them. The Commission has to analyze it, we have to ask them why they confuse the players, why they whistle a play that is a foul and they don’t whistle it. In this match, if they were wrong, they were wrong for both sides and if they favored, it was for both.

The liguistas will say that they expelled two men from us, yes, two men who had to expel, yes. And the player from Herediano had to be expelled, yes of course. The penalty, was it a penalty? Yes, it was criminal. What am I going to say… Alajuela’s and Arturo’s were expelled and it was criminal.

And the referees were wrong on many plays. As Heredia we cannot blame him, we are responsible for what happened. That has to be accepted. And the referees will continue to make mistakes and that is not my job or theirs, it belongs to the Commission, which has to sit down and analyze the games they play.

This confusion must be asked to the president of the Commission, why some yes and others not.

Does the fight to win a place in the World Cup increase the competition in the tournament?

Everyone wants to go to the World Cup and that makes the tournament more interesting, running, making an effort, playing soccer and putting in intensity. There is a lot of talk about intensity, yes, there has to be intensity, because the World Cup, international football is about intensity and we have to put it in, because if not, we are going to get complicated.

And we like Heredia, who are playing an international tournament, too, because if we don’t put intensity, they pass us over. We have to give a little more.

Does the tie put pressure on first place?

Why pressure? What is the first place, why pressure. Who wouldn’t like it with six points up, where is the pressure, don’t throw the pressure on me, there is no pressure here.

You must say congratulations to Heredia because he is in the first place, pressure from which. Those who are below put pressure, the day I’m in second place it will be pressure, of course, because you have to look for the first. Now I don’t understand what pressure, if we have six points above the second. What is the pressure?

I don’t have any pressure, I’m in first place with a six-point advantage. The idea is to keep winning to stay in first place, but why pressure? Don’t throw the situation on me, because I don’t see where the pressure is. Pressure those who are below, those who are going to seek to qualify.

With you on Herediano’s bench it’s hard for Alajuelense to win a match. What has been the key?

This is because the players have paid attention, they have played good games, they have worked well, the games have been planned well, because in the end if that has happened it has not been because of Hernán, but because of the players I have had at the time that I have had to play against Alajuela. Because I give more credit to the players than to what I can do.

Are you looking for a replacement for Jewison Bennette?

No, no, it’s that we have enough players. There’s Kennedy Rocha, Kenneth Vargas, Marcos Escoe, Jordy Hernández, we’re fine, we’re happy that Jewison is gone, hoping he’s done well, but we have enough people. There are no essential players here, they are all important. He left and there are others on tiptoe to play. We are fine, so far with what we have we are fine.