History Of Hinata & Hyuga Clan In Detail


 The birth of Hyuga Hinata was a series of events that would determine the history and outcome of the shinobi wars for years to come. It started with the death of Hiashi Hyuga, head of his clan and leader of Konoha’s military forces. Elderly now, he had been slowing down in his duties as both clan leader and general, but nevertheless was still the strongest Hyuga of his time. Hiashi died in battle against Kumo’s hidden weapon master, Kyurosuki Raiga. The loss of this leader caused the Hyuuga clan to fight with each other for control. Hinata, his daughter, had been placed in hiding since her birth because of her weak constitution. While much weaker than any other Hyuga, she was still the strongest heir because of her prestigious lineage.

Hinata’s mother had died during childbirth due to chakra exhaustion, which is why Hinata was so sickly until she began training. Because of this, Hiashi never considered Hinata as a possible heir. Hiashi never found a suitable heir until his nephew, Neji Hyuga.

Neji was the son of Hizashi Hyuga and an unnamed woman. A genius, he underwent the academy training at the same time as Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke and did not stand out in class. He had excelled in all areas of the ninja arts, including ninjutsu, but was utterly hopeless in taijutsu. He possessed a unique chakra type that allowed him to release his own chakra from every tenketsu simultaneously. While this ability seemed useless at first glance, it greatly increased Neji’s defense and allowed him to use his Gentle Fist style without his chakra points being detected. In addition, it gave him insight into Hinata’s secret Byakugan, as he could release a small amount of his own chakra from every tenketsu and tell how much chakra someone else possessed based on their reaction to his. He also learned that this is what made the Hyuga clan so powerful, because the chakra from every tenketsu was released at once. Neji’s Byakugan was not activated until Amegakure invaded Konoha, and pain from a chakra rod was amplified through it. This happened to be that same special rod that Jiraiya gave Naruto when he left to train with Jiriaya, which emitted chakra that had been taken from the nine-tailed fox that was sealed inside Naruto.

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The rod increased Neji’s power so much so that even with his tenketsu closed to prevent damage, he could still unleash a surprising amount of power through them. With the help of Jiraiya’s forbidden jutsu, Shiki fuujin, Naruto managed to nearly defeat Neji. However, the Hyuga genius managed to escape with his life and was not seen for a long time. To this day, Akatsuki is still looking for him since Tobi believes that he may have information on how to deal with Jinchuuriki.

On the same day that Hinata was born, an ANBU ninja by the name of Haruno Kizashi killed both Hiashi and his wife in front of their daughter. He then took Hinata away for reasons unknown. However, on the day of the ceremony where Hinata would be named heiress to the Hyuga clan, she returned with a new family. Her new parents, Maito Gai and his wife Yuuhi Kurenai showed a great deal of affection for her and loved her as if she were their own daughter.

Her sudden gain of a loving mother and father greatly improved her health, though not to the level that she was able to have an open chakra system like others of her bloodline. Hinata was much happier now and showed a great deal of affection to the couple, and they returned it tenfold. They were not able to have children of their own, but even though Hinata wasn’t related to them by blood she was still as much their child as if they had given birth to her themselves.

Gai and Kurenai were well aware of their duty to the Hyuuga clan, even if it meant they would be torn apart from each other. While Kurenai became the heiress to the prestigious and powerful Yuuhi clan, she still continued her duties as a jounin in Konoha and paraded that power in front of the Hyuga. Due to this prideful nature, Hiashi decided Gai was not worthy enough of being Hinata’s father, but due to Kurenai’s insistence and Hiashi’s knowledge of Gai’s strength, he allowed the marriage to stand.

With no heir for the Hyuga clan and Hinata not showing any signs of special abilities, she was left to live a normal life while Neji was groomed as the proper heir. Due to the fact that Hinata was not the heiress she was treated as a peasant by most of her clan, but Hiashi still saw her as important due to her ties to both him and Neji. However, after they took Hinata in, Gai and Kurenai had their own child who they named Boruto (Naruto).

Hinata is now 10 years old, and still attends the ninja academy. She has become fast friends with her classmate Moegi due to them being close in age. However, she becomes shy around Naruto who is 5 years older than her. This is due to the fact that they have developed feelings for each other without knowing it.

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