How To Apply for Calabria, Italy “ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT “, Its Perks & Are You Eligible?


Do you Know about Calabria, Italy, what if someone tells you that you can go and settle down in Italy and start a new business over there without spending much money from your own pocket and instead you will get paid for it? Well, the government of Italy has launched a scheme of paying people to move into Calabria and start a new business. So, if you dream to go Italy and start your life there that is for you.

Is This All True? 

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This scheme launched by the government of Italy doesn’t sound real at all, but we will like to tell you that, according to CNN, this scheme is 100% true. All these opportunities have been offered under the ” Active Residency Project “. The Main Objective of this scheme is to tackle the problem of Firstly, Depopulation and secondly, World Economy.

This region which is known as Calabria has the problem of low population and is the non-working region of Italy. So, this project will cater to both of the problems, people moving in the state will increase the population and tourism which will eventually support the businesses which are going to start over there.

How To Apply For An Calabria,”ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT”? 

Calabria, Italy, villages will pay you $33,000 to move in | CNN Travel

You can apply for this scheme on the official website of the city. The official release of this scheme is not out now. Italy is doing this simply to help the state. Apply for this as soon as the applications are out after checking your eligibility.

Are you Eligible For Calabria, Active Residency Project?

The applicant must meet the following conditions. 

  • The new resident has to start a small business there as a particular professional.
  • The new resident should be under the age of 40.
  • The new resident has to move to Calabria in 90 days.

Calabria, Italy. How to apply online? 

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Picturesque Italian Villages Want to Pay Millennials $33,000 to Move There

Do you want to know how to apply to live in Calabria Italy? A large amount of rupees 24.75 lakhs will be granted to the new resident by the government of Italy. This amount will be granted for a total of three years.

Along with this, the region has a really beautiful view of the sea and mountains. The view is breathtaking that anyone would fall in love with. Besides, Calabria has beautiful historic buildings to watch.

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