How To Change Electricity Supplier: Six Quick Strategies 


The costs of utilities should be minimized. Take advantage of our knowledge on how to change electricity supplier and confidently transfer energy providers and land on a plan that works for your home.


Even though there isn’t much you can do to lower your energy bill right now, it’s still a good idea to compare your tariff to others. Switch is still an option for researching local energy rates and providers.

How To Change Electricity Supplier: The Basic Rules 

The Need 

When requesting a quotation for a new electricity and gas tariff, its accuracy will increase proportionally with the amount of information you offer. Be sure to have the following data on hand:


Residential Details 

You may ensure that the estimates you receive are accurate for your location by providing a full address. Costs vary by region, as well as some energy packages are still only available in specific areas.


Details About Current Supplier 

Any estimated cost savings must be based on the actual terms of your current agreement, so be sure to include these details. Moreover, you can also connect with trading forums like bitcoin fast profit in terms of bill transactions. 


A pricing comparison website will typically presume you are on your supplier’s standard or out-of-contract tariff if you do not specify the name of your existing tariff on the query of how to change electricity supplier. You run the danger of paying more than you would with your present deal, despite the apparent cost reductions.

Check your most recent energy bill, go into your online account, or get in touch with your provider to learn what your energy tariff is called.

The Consumption 

For an exact estimate of gas and electricity prices, you will need to provide information about your energy consumption over the last twelve months, often in kilowatt hours (kWh).


How much you used last month should be shown in your most recent statement or online account. You can find a summary of your yearly energy consumption on your annual energy statement. Keep in mind that if you want to pay with a direct debit, we’ll require your banking information in advance. There are instances where a credit card number is requested.


The Final Inspection 

After choosing your electricity company and pricing, check for any surprises:


  • Is your tariff exit-fee-free? Some companies charge £50 per gas if you leave early. Exit fees only applicable to fixed deals within the final 49 days of the contract.
  • What’s your new monthly rate? Compare this to your current arrangement to avoid financial shocks.
  • Fixed or variable? Fixed direct debit installments balance out energy costs throughout the year. Some companies have seasonal fixed payments. Variable direct debit charges alter monthly to match usage.
  • Bills arrive how? If you don’t get them by mail, check online or email.
  • Is your tariff smart meter-required? Some charges are only for consumers with smart meters or who agree to get one.
  • Is a deposit required? Some suppliers request a month’s payment (or two) before giving gas and electricity. Prepayment agreements demand a deposit. Both can raise switching costs.


The Duration 

Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, reports that the average time to switch energy providers is 17 days, with a maximum of 21 days possible.


That doesn’t take into account the mandatory cooling-off period of 14 days that the supplier must provide before initiating the changeover.


Participating businesses in the Energy Switch Guarantee programme promise to make the change in your energy provider within three weeks.


The Compensation Policy 

IThere may be compensation available if you experience difficulties when switching energy providers.


According to regulations from Ofgem, energy providers must compensate customers £30 if:


Either without your knowledge or consent, you have been switched.

If the transition is not finished within 15 trading days you can take assistance from brokerage systems like bitcoin circuit.


If six weeks have passed since your switch and you still have not received your final statement from your previous provider, you should contact them.

If your provider has not repaid your credit in full within 10 business days after receiving your final invoice, you will lose it.

Suppliers who are no longer in operation are subject to different regulations.


It is not necessary to take any action other than notifying your energy provider of the situation in order to receive compensation.


Switching Suppliers As Tenants 

You can switch energy providers even if you rent. You can pick your energy supplier if you pay your electricity company directly for gas and electricity.


Your landlord can choose the electricity provider if they pay the company directly. If you…


Rent includes utilities.

Your seller pays your energy provider and bills you.

Your landlord pays between-tenancy energy bills.

Your rental contract should stipulate who pays gas and electric costs. Your landlord can change your energy supplier if they pay the bills, but they don’t have to. When you move out, you may have to restore the service to the initial energy provider.


The Final Thoughts 

It takes little time and effort to switch electricity providers. First things first if you’ve decided to sign an energy or gas supply contract with Endesa: check out our tariffs and pick the one that works best for you.


Keep in mind that you may always reach the companies’ Customer Service departments for help if you need it. In order to learn more about the simple, efficient processes involved in making the switch.