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Pokemon has been one of the most popular anime series of all time. The game franchise of the same which was known as “Pokemon Go” also gained quite a lot of attention. In the article, you will find about how to defeat Giovanni.

Let Us know About Giovanni

Giovani is the mastermind who runs the criminal organization called Team Rocket. He uses his organization for evil deeds like stealing other trainers” Pokemon and takes control of legendary Pokemon like the Kanto Trio or the Johto Duo. He has an evil mind but also makes an excellent and smart trainer.

How To Fight Giovanni In Pokemon Go?

Fights with Team rocket teams and agents are a common thing in Pokemon Go. It is not an easy task to defeat them. You can follow these steps to fight with Giovanni. 

  • First, the Trainers must complete the Special Research storyline called “A Troubling Situation.” After its completion, the Trainers will unlock the unique Giovanni Research quest. 
  • The fourth step of the Giovanni Special Research task always asks the Trainers to defeat each Team Go Rocket Leader: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra once.
  • Completing the fourth step will reward the Trainer with the Super Rocket Radar.  Theis Super Rocket Radar will help the Trainer hunt down the leader of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni.

How Does Super Rocket Radar work?

It works similarly to the Rocket Radars created by collecting Mysterious Components. You can go through these steps given below to know how to use the Super Rocket Radar. 

  • Access your Bag through the main menu and look for the Super Rocket Radar in your inventory. Here one is able to equip and unequip the Super Rocket Radar whenever you like.
  • The Super Rocket Radar doesn’t just display the exact location of Giovanni because some Grunts disguise themselves as Giovanni and will also appear on the radar, all hoping to prevent you from finding their boss.
  • The Trainers have to work their way through these disguised Grunts until you find the actual PokéStop Giovanni is hiding out in.

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