How to fix a repair at home


How many times have we faced a home repair gone wrong? From the small problem of a broken knob to the more complicated task of installing a new countertop, fixing things can be time consuming and expensive. If you are one of us, one of the so-called “handymen”, surely you have thrown yourself more than once to fix those things that break at home. We are more and more lovers of Do It Yourself (DIY) or in Spanish, do it yourself. With this we undertake small repairs, and, in addition to helping us save, it generates personal satisfaction.

However, DIY at home has two sides: if you lack the necessary knowledge or experience to deal with certain problems, the remedy can be worse than the disease: Breakdowns become more difficult than they were, they can occur major damage and the repair can be more expensive than if we had called a professional service such as those offered by Hogami from the beginning.

Below we have compiled a list of DIY repairs that might not go as planned.

Install the flooring in your home

Do you have old and damaged flooring in your home that needs to be replaced? Don’t try to do it on your own, unless you have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the project. Depending on the type of flooring you are installing, it can be a large and complicated task that requires professional tools and equipment. Most of the time they require work, which is more complicated than the work itself. However, if you decide to do it yourself and something goes wrong, you don’t know what happened or how to solve the problem, you will need the professional services of companies that have expert handymen capable of converting complicated situations into simple and easy repairs.

electrical wiring

The most common electrical work can include the replacement of a plug, the installation of a new outlet or light point, the change of a switch… Can we take care of these repairs ourselves? It all depends on our knowledge of electricity.

home repair - photo 2

A broken or loose electrical connection can cause short circuits and even fires. We must be cautious and work very carefully in case we decide to carry out this task ourselves. If you have any questions, you can use the tutorials that, both in BricoBlog and other bloggers, you have available on the Internet and, if you are not sure, turn to a professional with experience in this field. Don’t risk your safety trying to fix something like electrical wiring on your own.

bathroom remodel

If you are thinking of remodeling the bathrooms in your home, avoid doing it yourself unless you are a professional with experience in this area. Bathroom renovations must be done carefully and in accordance with building codes that vary from place to place. For example, if there is a problem with the electrical wiring in a bathroom, it is better to leave it to an expert.

Replacement and installation of windows

Replacing windows is a project that can be done on your own or with the help of professionals. The most important thing to remember when replacing windows in any part of your home, whether it’s a full window installation or simply replacing broken glass, is safety. Never attempt any such work unless you are qualified and experienced enough to do so. Window replacement and installation requires the use of specialized equipment and knowledge. If you don’t have them, leave it in the hands of someone who does.

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Questions to ask yourself before undertaking any DIY project

DIY is profitable and gives us a lot of satisfaction, this is clear to us, but we also have to be aware of what we can and cannot do by ourselves. Knowing our limits is important before embarking on a possible DIY project. So before embarking on a “Do It Yourself” project, we must ask ourselves the following and make the best decision:

● Do I have enough time to invest in the project?

● Do I have the necessary tools to carry out the project?

● Will I have the necessary skills to carry it out?

● How much will my actual savings be?

If the answers to these questions are positive, go ahead and get your inner handyman out, use your creativity and get to work!