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These exercises will lose every inch of your body and help you to lose belly fat

So you asked a question about how to lose weight?, here the answer Of course, everybody wants to get slim and trim to get fit in their favorite clothes.

So today we have brought you some simple exercises and diet that everybody can do at home to shrink those waistlines and if we do merge the 2 together result should be pretty incredible.

1.Lose Weight With Forearm plank

How To Do Forearm Plank?

  • Place your forearms on the bottom with the elbows aligned below the shoulders and arms parallel to the body and hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Now if this is often a bit difficult you’ll do a knee plank instead by resting the knees on the ground and placing your hands directly under your shoulder as if you’re about to do a press uphold this for 20 to 30 seconds.

2. Basic Sit-Up’s

How To Do Sit-Up’s

  • To perform the basic sit-up just sit on the floor bend your knees keep them together and keep your hands-on
    your chest or on your temples while doing the situps.
  • Please avoid putting your hands behind your head and for all exercises.
  • Within the study, the participants did three sets of ten so aim to try to put your hands on your chest.
  • this is one of the best to lose belly fat.

3.Lose Weight With Knee High Crunches

Lose Weight : knee crunch

How To Do Knee High Crunches?

  • To perform the knee-high crunches just lay on the ground and bend your knees and keep your legs raised.
  • Now,  aim to touch the knees with your elbows keep your hands by the side of your head, and squeeze the stomach when your elbows touch the knees.

4. Sit-Up Twist

Lose Weight : russian twist

How To Do Sit-Up Twist’s

  • To perform the sit-up and twist just do the same movements as a sit-up we did earlier but at the highest rotary.
  • the body as shown confirm to alternate sides whenever to make sure you’ve employed out both sides if you struggle with this or the situps anchoring the feet will help to begin with

5.Dorsal Raises

Lose Weight : Superman

How To Do Dorsal Raises?

  • To perform the dorsal raises also called the Superman just lay facedown on the ground stretch your arms and legs and slowly raise your chest and legs off the ground while squeezing the lower back.
  • Slowly lower them back to the ground again and try and do this for 3 sets of 10.

so that’s the exercises done and please remember if you are doing them correctly you can expect to lose a minimum of 2 centimeters off your waistline in six weeks which is great but you also have to control your diet.

Avoid Junk Food
Reduce Oil Consumption
Eat Green Vegetables

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