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How to repair a toilet tank


The repair of a cistern is an issue that all “handymen” will have to face sooner or later. Mainly those that refer to small water leaks.

The reason is very simple. The tank emptying mechanism closes hermetically with a silicone gasket. This, with the passage of time, deteriorates, losing elasticity and deforming, thus allowing a minimum but constant passage of water. With the consequent expense and consumption of natural resources.

In addition to how annoying the sound of the insistent trickle of water can be in the silence of the night, it is also and above all a waste of a scarce good, such as water, which we must take care of as if it were made of gold. treated, making efficient use of it.

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The first reaction, faced with the unknown, would be to call a plumber to solve the problem for us.

However, we are sure that when you see this tutorial, you will change your attitude by doing this simple repair yourself.

As you will see, it is about replacing the gasket that we have referred to, which is still a simple silicone washer. Here we show you all the details.


Cistern repair details

When you notice that the toilet is dripping insistently, you will know that the water leak is caused by the deterioration of a silicone gasket that closes the cistern’s evacuation mechanism.

Therefore, to solve the problem, we will have to replace it with a new one.

Cistern repair is much easier than it may seem.

Disassembly of the button

Step 1 – Cut off the water supply

The first step will be to close the tank filling stopcock. And then we press the button to empty it completely.

Removal of the closing mechanism of the cistern

2nd Step – Disassembly of the mechanism

Then we remove the button and the lid of the cistern.

We extract the mechanism with a simple and small turn until we hear a “click”.

If you look at this element, it looks better in the video, you can see that it is embedded in 4 tabs located in the part that is anchored to the container.

Cistern closing mechanism

Once the mechanism is disassembled, we have to remove the silicone gasket that causes the water leak. To do this, we have to remove the plastic nut that holds it.

To do this, you can use a fixed wrench, adjustable wrench or even pliers.

Once the joint is disassembled, we take it to any plumbing store or store and buy one just like it.

Removing the closing element of the tank

3rd Step – Assembly of the repaired mechanism

To install the new one and get the tank repaired, we have to do exactly the same process that we have done to disassemble it, but in reverse. Namely:

We introduce the gasket in its place, and tighten the plastic thread. Be careful not to force it too much, as it is made of plastic material you could break it if you press too hard.

And now we introduce the whole mechanism in its location. We give it a little twist, in the opposite direction that we did when disassembling it. Turn without forcing, until you feel a click.

Removing the closure element from the tank

If the mechanism is a double push button, remember to put it in the same position it had.

It is marked. On one side the total discharge of 6 liters, and on the other the partial discharge of 3 liters.

4th Step – Check correct repair

Before putting the lid on and completing the repair of the cistern, we must check if there is any problem.

Therefore, we open the stopcock, wait for the cistern to fill, and see that we have eliminated the leak, as is the case.

Tank closing element

However, if it continues to leak some water, try flushing. In this way, it is possible for the closing mechanism to be correctly housed in its place.

Finally, it only remains to put the cover and mount the button.

Clever!! The repair of your cistern has been carried out. And best of all: For €2 and 10 minutes of our time, we have done a repair that would have otherwise cost us €40 or €50 for the shortest part.

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