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Pokémon (short for pocket monster) is a franchise owned by Nintendo and began life in the mid ’90s as a game for the Game Boy. The game is centered on fictional characters known as Pokemon which humans (Pokémon Trainers) catch and train to battle each other. The Japanese franchise became well known for its unique graphics and cute characters. The popular game grew into a successful franchise that spanned TV, trading cards, comics, and toys. 20 years later Pokémon has made a big comeback in the form of a location-based smartphone game.

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Trainers in Pokemon GO who reach level 20 are finally able to scan PokeStops.

Niantic is constantly trying to learn more about the physical landscape of where their players are playing. This allows them to have more accurate maps that players can use when roaming the world. To make a good scan, though, trainers are going to want to keep a couple of things in mind.

Before scanning, it’s very essential to look around the PokeStop and see if there are any hazards around the way. In order to scan, the trainer is going to need to walk around the PokeStop, and nobody wants to trip over something and take a nasty fall while scanning.

In order to begin the scan, Pokemon GO trainers are going to want to head to the PokeStop or Gym details page. There should be three red dots on the upper right side that players can click on. After doing this, trainers should tap ‘Scan Pokestop’ to begin.

Scanning a PokeStop is basically like taking a long Snapchat, and players need to hold the record button while pointing the camera of their phone at the PokeStop.

To get a full picture of what the PokeStop and surrounding area look like, trainers will need to walk 360 degrees around the PokeStop. It’s important to keep a steady hand and have the PokeStop in the center of the frame at all times.

An ideal scan will be 20 to 30 seconds long, so there’s no need to rush.

After that, trainers can hit Upload Now and send their scan to the Pokemon GO developers. If the trainer runs out of data or is worried about a bad connection, they can always hit Upload Later and upload with a Wi-Fi signal.

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