5 Innovative Ways to Empower Women and Girls Across the World


We’re in an age where women are matching every step and starting to speak up for their rights and beliefs, But even right now, they need help and support to overcome the oppression they faced. If not the oppression, an ally that supports them and believes in them.

It’s about understanding the fact that being a feminist means how you use your voice to help them find and amplify theirs.

On International Women’s Day, Google has announced that it will support 1 million entrepreneurs in rural India.

It has also announced a $25 million fund for projects that address systemic barriers towards economic equality globally.

you can support women in your daily lives by changing or enhancing certain habits.

How to support women – 1.Emotional support

How to support women

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  • More often than not women find their emotional feelings neglected or dismissed by people surrounding them.
  • So they continue to pile on and continue to affect them in the long run, and probably everyone surrounding them.
  • Whether it’s sending a daily text to check-in, being a shoulder to cry on.
  • calling, supporting female-founded companies, or smiling at a woman on the street, be an advocate in any and every way.

How to support women – 2.Raise your Voice

How to support women

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  • To this day, the situation for women is still shocking: Globally, at least 1 in 3 women experience violence in their lifetime.
  • Women work longer hours and are paid less. Fewer than 1 in 4 parliamentarians worldwide are women.
  • Sparking conversations through social media or in-person is the bedrock of change and an important way to drum up more support.
  • Share local events with your friends, call others out when they make insensitive or ill-informed comments, and help amplify the voices of women on the front lines.

Constructive Criticism

  • Women tend to get feedback on their personal style and personality rather than the quality of their work and its presentation.
  • Giving substantial opinions can not only help the progress, but it also reflects that you take their workability seriously.

Help shut down negative thoughts

How to support women

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  • Women are constantly exposed to negativity as they’re often held to unrealistic standards of the beauty displayed in magazines, on TV, and more recently on social media.
  • While our near-constant presence on the web has created a culture where women and men can more easily express themselves.
  • Negativity online has become a big problem.
  • Lift women up by taking a stance against negative comments online and wherever you go.
  • Combat negativity by promoting body positivity, intelligence, and authenticity. Don’t be afraid to shut down negativity directly and honestly.

Show appreciation

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  • Say thank you, give and accept compliments, and help out the women around you.
  • Show the women in your life how much you appreciate them,
  • By sending a thank you card, giving them a compliment.
  • Show them that you care about what they do for you and mean to you.

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