How to write a good college application essay


Every high school student dreams of entering the most prestigious university after graduation. The choice of university and future profession is one of the most important choices in every person’s life. Before entering, it is necessary to study detailed information about the university. 

The best colleges in the U.S. and Europe are known for their rigorous competition. Applicants must write a short essay to attract the admissions committee’s attention and increase their chances of admission. In the essay, you must express your personality and prove that you are the person who deserves to be a student in a particular college.

The essay is the most memorable unique part, telling much more about you than other documents. A properly written motivational essay will tell you about your skills, level of education, upbringing, literacy, and intentions, so it is important to approach its writing inspired by ideas and with a good understanding of what is required of you. Also, don’t forget the importance of proper structure and avoid grammatical errors. Many students wonder who can help me edit my paper as well. We recommend using the services of professional writers with extensive experience.

Imagine that the essay is a journey, a free voyage through memory, memorable events, and experiences that made you exactly who you are, and led you to the university of your dreams. The task at this stage: gather important themes and life examples that you would like to share.

Develop a list of topics

We recommend choosing non-trivial topics – applicants often write about travel, sports, and parents. Use good stories, and examples that will make the essay unique. Avoid superficial ideas – dig deeper, and think about important things. Such an essay will spark interest and make you think. The committee is made up of people with no special knowledge of chemistry or physics, so it’s best to avoid complicated specific terms.


  • Does the essay reflect your personality?
  • Is the central theme meaningful?
  • Are there life examples?


Introduction and narrative

The introduction is an important part of any essay that is not written in one go. Think about how to make it original and improve on it later. In the introduction, you can share your fears, and your experiences, and write the whole story based on them.

For example, after mentioning at the beginning that you are afraid of the sound of guns, you can write a war story, mentioning a phobia of dentists, tell how you overcame it and why you eventually decided to choose this profession. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings, use original language, but it is not recommended to make the essay entirely in a humorous vein: humor is difficult to use intelligently, and statistically, admissions committees rarely rate it highly. If you want, you can turn to the best paper writing service and make your life easier.

A few rules:

  • The introduction should be short.
  • Use vivid words, grammatical structures
  • Reflect on growth, changes, what challenges you have overcome
  • Provide clear examples
  • Come up with a vivid conclusion.


It is necessary to reread the essay many times, find all the mistakes, and logical inaccuracies, and ask for help from friends, parents, and tutors.

Your essay should be free of mistakes and typos! Read it from the end to concentrate on word mistakes. Do not exceed the recommended essay length. If the essay is 500 words, don’t write more than 510-520 words.

Everything ingenious is simple, and it works in essay writing, too. Take simple topics that you understand, don’t strive to show your best side by choosing complex issues that are hard to understand.

A few tips:

  • Avoid clichés – they show that you are not good at presenting ideas on your own
  • Too many quotes will lead to the idea that you don’t have your point of view.
  • Don’t look for outside help. Admissions officers are very experienced and will sense falsity quickly.
  • Read examples of essays of applicants from top universities – they will help to orient yourself.

It is advisable to start preparing for your essay well in advance of writing it, just like you do for university admission. As a rule, high school students from the best schools choose the most popular universities for admission. If you have 1-2 years to spare, it is better not to waste time and learn the efficiently: read books, expand the vocabulary, study with a teacher. The learning experience will help you learn valuable practical skills. Take your preparation for university seriously. At this stage. It’s crucial for your future prospects in your life. We hope our advice will help you. Good luck!