Huge discount on AirPods Pro Take advantage!


If there are headphones that will help you do practically anything with them on, those are the AirPods Pro. Well, for all those who were thinking of buying them, they are in luck, since Amazon has a discount that is irresistible . Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The best AirPods Pro discount

There is no doubt that the AirPods Pro are some very complete headphones, since they have characteristics that make them one of the best options that users can choose. However, one of the handicaps they have, and it is normal given the benefits they offer, is the price. Apple officially sells them for 279 euros, a significant amount of money and that you have to think carefully about whether or not to invest in headphones. However, despite the fact that the Cupertino company never lowers the prices of its products on its website, on Amazon you may be lucky enough to find a great discount, like the one we are telling you about in this post.

Currently, you can find the AirPods Pro with Magsafe charging box for 199 eurosthat is, a discount of 80 euros on its original price, but that is not the thing, since you also have the option of buying the AirPods Pro with the old case, which is the same except that they do not have with MagSafe technology, in this case by €178which implies a discount of 101 euros compared to its original price.

Buy now or wait for version 2?

Surely, the great doubt that potential buyers of these headphones have is whether it is really worth buying the AirPods Pro now or wait for the rumored AirPods Pro 2 that, in addition, will come with a possible redesign. The reality is that for this price these headphones are practically irresistible, and our advice is that if you were thinking of buying them, do so since you are going to enjoy them a lot.

At the level of Noise Cancellation It is difficult to find a similar alternative that offers higher performance, but to this we must add the ambient mode, which despite the fact that initially it is not something that attracts attention, is a very useful function, especially for those people who want to use them within their work environment, since it will allow them to start conversations without having to remove the headphones. To all this we must also add the sound quality they offer and the great timing What about other Apple devices?

AirPods Pro

Finally, and this is a really personal point, the comfort It is something that you have to value, since unfortunately this type of in-ear headphones are not made for all users. Therefore, if one of your doubts is whether you are really going to be comfortable with them, our advice is to buy them, and if you finally do not feel comfortable, return them using the return policy offered by Amazon of up to 30 days. .

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