I do not recommend Superhot. Why do players bill games by the hour?


We waited a long time but it was worth it. Superhot turned out to be an original, addictive and visually great game. Another success of the Polish studio that we can be proud of. There is, however, a small scratch in this beautiful picture – the developer fury of questions about why the game is so short?

Just review the negative ratings for Superhot on Steam. Most of them sound very similar and boils down to one conclusion – the game is original and I had a great time with it, but you can finish it in an hour. With each of them a thumbtack down and capital letters – I do not recommend. Is the length of the game really the biggest disadvantage? Additional gameplay modes and challenges seem to be insufficient for these players. The argument is repeated many times that for this price the game should offer much more.

Such voices almost always appear in the premieres of games where the single player campaign can be completed in a few hours. It seems that if the gameplay is not enough for at least a dozen or preferably several dozen hours, the game is not worth the full price. Adrian Chmielarz, the creator of another Polish short game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, wrote about this problem.

I have heard the counter-argument many times over: nobody judges a book by page count or a movie by length. And since games are just another story-telling medium, they should be treated the same way, right? The problem is that while as gamers (and game developers) we like to emphasize the advantage of video games as an interactive medium, we still treat them simply as games and only secondarily look at the stories told.

A fan of board games, when he decides to buy another title, wonders how long the new title will last for him. How long will he play with it? Will he get bored quickly or will the gameplay be enough for long hours with friends? Video game fans judge in a similar way. And the strength of this medium lies in the fact that both people looking for long entertainment and lovers of original stories will find something for themselves.

Therefore, despite negative votes, the short Superhot gains high marks and sells like hot cakes. On Steamspy, you can check that by the time this entry was published, well over 130,000 had already sold. copies. Not bad.

AND! Finally, one more thing:

SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years!

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