Ideal house to move into or to reform


Finding the perfect home isn’t always easy. On very few occasions, and only if it is new construction, the house can be designed to our liking. The usual thing will be to embark on some other reform to adapt it to what we are looking for or need.

We will look for properties for rent or sale in our area of ​​interest. If you have time and desire, you can choose to search for yourself, get lucky and find what you are looking for soon, or you can go to real estate professionals who have a portfolio of properties reviewed and ready to offer you what you are looking for. The search is very simple through any search engine, simply indicating the city, real estate in Madrid, for example, and you will get a list of all of them. The advantage of opting for professionals is that you save time in the search, you access properties that only carry out the procedures through professionals, who advise you on the state of the property and carry out all the procedures.

Once we have chosen the ones that interest us, it is convenient to carry out a home valuation to calculate the margin that we have left from the purchase to undertake the reforms since, depending on how much we have to adapt it, it can be a good bite to our budget.

We have it clear: finding the perfect house is almost impossible, but finding the perfect house to reform according to what we need and that fits into our budget is much more accessible and, in addition, we can choose to carry out the reform at once or carry it out little by little, so the budget can be more elastic.

Reforms can be scary, both because of the time that must be invested in them and because of the necessary investment, but it also allows us to save since the price of the house will be lower and, in many cases, we will be able to carry it out totally or partially ourselves. so we enter into our specialty: DIY and reforms.

Shaping the perfect home

In a home you can do endless reform work. When it comes to plumbing and electricity, it is advisable to leave it in the hands of professionals. Many other changes we can make ourselves.

For example, changing the floor is easy if you opt for laminates or vinyl. Using a click system or adhered, they are placed on the old floor, with an added advantage: the variety of finishes.

In the case of bathrooms and kitchens there are also several possibilities: we can replace the coatings or paint the tiles. Today there are many products on the market that allow us to paint tiles with great variety and very good finishes. This is a good alternative when the budget is tight, since the change of tiles takes a good bite of our budget. Sometimes what the tiles need is simply a renewal of the joints, a very simple thing to do, and its appearance changes radically.

Kitchen furniture is also another good bite to the budget, so we can opt for different solutions such as painting the doors, if they are in good condition. If the doors are in poor condition but the rest of the furniture is in good condition, we could only change the doors. Then you can decide whether or not to change the countertop or the sink. One way or another, the result will be a more current kitchen that will last you for years and years.

the ideal house - photo 2

Changing the doors is another job that does not involve too much difficulty and renews the image of the rooms. If space is tight, the best choice is sliding doors. The superimposed ones are installed with great ease and, in addition to being decorative, they are functional.

The gotelé is no longer a problem today. There are many products on the market to cover it up that will solve this cumbersome issue.

With these reforms and a coat of paint or wallpaper, which has been a trend for some time, any home can be transformed in a short time. And, what is more important, with a minimum investment.

What if it is a rental home?

In this case, the possibilities of adapting the house are more limited, since you depend on what the owner allows you. Make sure that what you want to do is authorized in the contract, or an annex, so as not to be surprised. Any reform of a certain scope must always be approved by the owner and, as we have indicated, it is advisable to have a written record of the authorization.

How can a rental house be personalized? The first thing is to take into account that the owner can ask at the end of the contract to restore the original appearance of the house. Therefore, any changes that are made must be able to be easily reversed. It is important to read the contract well before signing it so that an agreement can be reached in case what appears in it does not adapt to what you need to do in the property.

the ideal house - photo 3

The simplest thing and the least problems will be to change the color of the walls. When it comes to floors, floating floors and vinyl are an option, but you must decide if it is worth the investment. Think that a good alternative is carpets.

If the flat is furnished and the style does not suit us, one way to renew the furniture without damaging it is to decorate it with vinyl wallpaper and change the handles. Then it will be very easy to return them to their original state.

Lighting reminds you that you can always improve. The LED strips are easily placed both in moldings and baseboards, in the lower part of the furniture or even inside it and give it a totally different look.

Customizing a home owned or rented is easy, as long as we have everything in order, the numbers well done and, above all, we are well advised.

Having the dream house costs much less than we think if we get involved in its reform You dare?.