Irene Vallejo will offer a talk in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl


• The Spanish philologist Irene Vallejo, author of The Infinity in a Reed, visits the UNAM and will speak with the Mexican writers Rosa Beltrán and Socorro Venegas on March 30, in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl. • The talk includes a question session led by Elsa Margarita Ramírez, General Director of Libraries at UNAM. • Check the UNAM Books page:

In Infinity on a Junk Irene Vallejo takes us to the origin of the book as an idea, to tell the story of the body of words, where it summarizes 30 centuries of existence of this knowledge contraption, its mutations (of stone, earth, leaves, reeds, silk, skin, rags, trees and, in this century, light), until reaching paper.

Do you want to know more about the renowned Spanish philologist who collaborates with the newspapers Heraldo de Aragón and El País? Do not miss the conversation that she will have with the Mexican writers Rosa Beltran and Help Venegasnext Wednesday March 30 in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl from UNAM.

Irene Vallejo (Zaragoza, 1979) has never ceased to be amazed by the reception that the publishing world has had towards her work El infinity en un reed: the invention of books in the ancient world, a mixture of research, autobiography and essay.

The infinity in a reed pays homage not so much to the authors of the books, but to all the people who, throughout the centuries, have protected them, sheltered them, and those who have seen to it that their content is amplified in various languages, to decipher them: “oral narrators, inventors, illuminators, librarians, translators, booksellers, street vendors, teachers, wise men, spies, rebels, travellers, nuns, slaves, adventurers, printers”, men and women who are “the forgotten , the anonymous ones.

In El infinito en un reed, which won the 2019 Critical Eye Award for Narrative in Spain and the 2020 Las Librerías Recomiendan de No Ficción Award, Vallejo also highlights the role of women, and affirms that many of their names were lost due to indifference.

“Infinity in a reed”, the author has spoken on different occasions, “is for me a tribute to all those women predecessors, to my female teachers, to the forgotten intellectual role of women throughout history, to my mother , of course, and also to the orality women who never could, never managed to learn to write, but told their stories, they were the repositories of memory.”

“The book is the body of words,” says Vallejo. And his speaks of the different bodies that this object has adopted to increase its life expectancy.

The talk will have a question session led by Elsa Margarita Ramírez, General Director of Libraries at UNAM. Admission is free, with reduced capacity and under health protocols. Subsequently, the author will sign books (one per person), in the same venue. Readers will be able to find Infinity in a Reed for sale with a 20% discount

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