Dragon Ball Super: Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku?


Is Granolah Stronger Than Goku? Scroll down to know more.

Dragon Ball series shows Goku and his friends. Recently, there has been a new challenge for Goku and Vegeta known as Granolah. In this article, we will discuss everything about Granolah and see how much power he is? Is he powerful than Goku? 

It is manga-based anime series that is written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. 

Goku originally is from the Planet Vegeta and there he was used to classified as a low-class saiyajin. King Vegeta discriminated against these low-class saiyajins and also forced them to live their lives in disgrace. After the raid of Frieza on the planet, Bardock who was the father of Goku departed Goku on a spaceship that was coming towards Earth and died at the hands of Frieza.

He is the enemy of Goku and Vegeta. Granolah is the only survivor of the Cerealien race who was killed by the Saiyajin Army and the bounty hunters employed by Heeters. He was not able to withstand the loss of his people so he decided to avenge his people from Frieza and also from the entire Saiyajin race. Similar to Goku, he too wanted to become the strongest guy in the Universe, but the reason behind his aim was entirely different from Goku. He is the most significant character of the Granolah: The Survivor Saga arc and is possess a bug challenge for Goku and Vegeta. Though Granolah deeply loves his people and can do anything for them like Frieza, he underestimates his opponents.

Who Is More Strong? Goku Or Granolah:

As we are quite aware of the fact that Dragon Ball is popular for its powerful villains and their surpassing limits of power level. Every other villain that comes after the previous one is more powerful than before and a great challenge for Goku.  Earlier in Dragon Ball Super, Jigen almost cornered everyone and even surpassed God of Destruction. When it comes to Goku and Granolah, Granolah is currently surpassing Goku in his power level. Goku even after transforming into Ultra Instinct and landing some heavy attacks on Granolah, was not able to affect him much. Thus we can conclude that Goku needs to push a little hard so as to defeat Granolah.