Is it bad to let the iPhone run out of battery?


As stupid as it sounds, wondering whether it’s good or bad to let the iPhone turn off when it runs out of battery is very common and interesting. Needless to say at first that it is not a bad thing that this happens from time to time, because surely it will have already happened to you and you will have observed that absolutely nothing happened. Now, is it good to do it all the time? Is it even advisable to let it happen?

We start by saying that, whether it’s an iPhone or any other device, there is no written rule to serve to answer the question. But yes, broadly speaking, you should know that the optimum is to be somewhere in between. That is, do not let it always turn off due to running out of battery, but also do not prevent this from happening.

It has benefits, but also disadvantages

On a technical level, a lithium battery like the ones mounted on iPhones are very complex to analyze. But for you to understand how it works, tell you that these work through cycles, always understanding that a complete cycle occurs when the battery goes from 100% to 0%. Therefore, every time the iPhone turns off due to lack of battery, a cycle has been consumed.

In fact, the health of the battery depends largely on this. And it is that in the end it is completely normal that it suffers over time, however not treating this matter well can cause it to degrade faster. And it is just as bad to always let it run out than to prevent it from doing so, as we warned you before. All this, despite the false beliefs who affirm that it is good to do one thing or another always.

You must try to make the iPhone drain its battery at least once every 2 months, which could even help you to carry out a calibration process. But don’t abuse it or obsess over it either. Try to keep it in mind and even add reminders, but don’t take it to the extreme either. That if instead of 1-2 months 3 pass, nothing happens either.

Conclution: letting it turn off will always cause you to be consuming battery cycles each day and will accelerate battery deterioration. Not doing it is never just as damaging, since in the end these cycles are also necessary for the correct functioning of the battery.

Is it good to leave it off for a while?

In the thread of letting the iPhone turn off by itself when it runs out of battery, this question also arises about whether or not it is convenient to keep it turned off. Again we find that there is no written rule in this regard, but in the same way it is good for us to place ourselves in the middle ground.

It is not strictly necessary that you turn off the iPhone every day, but from time to time. In fact, you can take advantage of those moments when it runs out of battery to keep it that way for about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the device to cool down completely and the components restthereby helping to give the iPhone a longer lifespan.