Home Life Israeli army says operation in Gaza will last "one week"

Israeli army says operation in Gaza will last "one week"


The Israeli army said on Saturday that it expects its operation to last “a week” in the Gaza Strip, where it is carrying out bombing raids against the armed Islamic Jihad organization.

A military military spokesman indicated that the army “is preparing for a one-week operation” and that “it is not currently holding negotiations with a view to a ceasefire”, after reports that Egypt is trying to mediate to calm the situation in the Palestinian enclave, where fighting continues.

Israel’s military has been shelling the enclave since Friday, claiming its attacks are targeting weapons manufacturing sites for Islamic Jihad, a group aligned with ruling Hamas but often acting independently.

One of the organization’s leaders, Tayseer al Jabari ‘Abu Mahmud’, was killed in these attacks. In retaliation, the Islamic Jihad armed wing fired more than 100 rockets into Israel, claiming it was an “initial response.”


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