Israelis residing in Ukraine are repatriated


Israelis living in Ukraine arrived at Tel Aviv airport on Tuesday aboard a repatriation flight made available by Israel, AFP journalists found.

“We woke up and heard noises around us. Bombs everywhere. So we decided to leave, to leave Ukraine,” Badr Tawil told AFP.

Badr Tawil, 23, was studying in Kharkov, a city in the northeast of the country attacked by Russian forces since the beginning of the offensive.

The number of passengers on board this flight, which left Romania, was not disclosed.

On Monday, the head of Israeli diplomacy, Yair Lapid, reported that his office had helped 4,000 Israelis to leave Ukraine for other countries, since the beginning of the invasion on Thursday.

These people had to travel to neighboring states across land borders, as Ukrainian airspace is closed to civil aviation.

“We will do everything possible to leave no Israeli, no Jew” in this country at war, Lapid told reporters.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday the death of an Israeli in Ukraine, who died while trying to flee to Moldova.

Between 6,000 and 8,000 Israelis lived in Ukraine before the Russian invasion, according to this ministry.