Jim Ryan Says Sony Plans More Acquisitions For PlayStation Studios


Sony has taken over several studios over the last year and its strategy is to continue investing so that PlayStation Studios grow even more. This has been revealed by Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who during the latest installment of the official PlayStation podcast has also insisted that bringing PlayStation Studios games to the PS Plus subscription service catalog as soon as the day of release would affect its quality.

“We’re growing our studios organically and through purchases,” says Jim Ryan. “We have acquired five studios throughout 2021, we are in discussions with Bungie and we have more plans. This leads us into a virtuous circle where success leads to success.” Over the past year Sony has bought Housemarque (Returnal, Resogun), Nixxes Software (a PC port specialist), Firesprite (a team founded by ex-Psygnosis members), Bluepoint Games (Demon’s Souls), and Valkyrie Entertainment (a support team). .

How much Sony has paid for these studios is unknown, but surely none of them have cost as much as Bungie, for which it has agreed to pay $3.6 billion. A third of this money, $1.2 billion, will go to employee retention. Bungie is the developer of Destiny, but Sony seems more interested in its expertise and tools for running games as a service. The goal of the Japanese company is to launch more than 10 games as a service in the next four years.

We’ll see which studios Sony will buy in the future. For now, its latest acquisition has been that of Haven Studios, a Canadian-based development team led by Jade Raymond working on a new AAA multiplayer experience. Sony has not been the only company that has taken out the portfolio. Last January alone, video game companies worth 85.4 billion dollars were acquired, a record figure that was achieved thanks to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft in exchange for 68.7 billion dollars.

The rest of the money was put up by Take-Two, who agreed to pay $12.7 billion for Zynga, and Sony with the aforementioned $3.6 billion to be paid by Bungie.