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Kageki Shojo Episode 4 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Kageki Shojo Episode 4, Spoilers, Recap of Kageki Shojo Episode 3, And more.

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Sarasa thinks to take a picture and Ai is surprised by standing in the window and the letter she has written is blown away by the wind. Sara realizes that Ai has lost her dream ticket and sends the written letter back to her. The story of Sarsa starts when she learns to ride a bicycle and meets her grandfather surprisingly. Ken also helps Sarsa to ride a motorcycle and return him a letter from the Kauka Music Academy. He is now going to Ken’s tatami shop, where the locals learn that Sarasa is Ken’s grandson.

The general public is happy with the popularity of their village. He is glad that SARSA has changed the lives of many people living in the city. The residents also worry about how she lives between strangers because she doesn’t know anyone here. Ken is excited that he spent time with her grandson and restore his clan’s honor accordingly. Sarasa thinks that she would leave Ken alone. She punishes him and says that he dreams of going to this academy.

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Ai tells Ken that she doesn’t need any friend in her life because she only trusts her if she wants to talk, she’ll only talk to him. Ai said that that there is no option that she can befriend Sarsa. Sarasa came and told Ai that she was looking for him only. The two friends go inside the locker room together, and Sarsa wonders that if Ai is fine. Ai told Sarasa that she was fine, and had lunch. Sarsa replies that she is worried that Ai is not getting proper food.

Ai tells Sarasa that don’t worry about her, and Sarsa asks if they are not friends then what happened. Ai tells Sarsa that she is not anyone’s friend, she only talks to her. Although, a man walks towards Hana no Michi: Flower Way after seeing their statue. The man remarks that he waits for someone here and maybe he will see Narchi there. Sarasa is shocked to hear that Ai is not her best friend and she realize that they are only roommates. Sarsa said to Ai that she wants to be his friend always.

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