A Neighbour Of Kim Kardashians Want A Judge To Stop Her From Constructing A Driveaway At Her House.


Kim Kardarshian’s Neighbor Wants Judge To Stop Her From Constructing Driveaway

Seems like the war between the famous American actress, Kim Kardarshian and her neighbor is never ending. Kim Kardarshian’s neighbor, Sarah Key has filed for an injunction to stop Kim from putting a driveway on a strip of land she claims to own. Kim has planned to build the driveaway for her convenience. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Sarah said a trust who she believes Kim is a part of wanted a special driveway that gives Kim easy access to and from her house in the gated community. The construction has not begun yet but Sara Key wants to shut the construction process completely. The lawsuit is not filed against Kim directly, as Sarah took a different approach to stop the construction. She filed a lawsuit against the Hidden Hills Community Association to prevent the committee from permitting any driveway construction in the community at all. One thing to note is that the injunction lawsuit is not actually against Kardashian but instead the Hidden Hills Community Association in order to prevent the association from signing off on the driveway construction. 

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Sarah Key is reportedly the same neighbor who has filed several lawsuits to the same organization to prevent Kardashian from building the alleged underground vault earlier this year. The new additions that Kardashian was looking to build, according to the suit, included an underground vault, subterranean parking, an attached subterranean ‘wellness center’ and a detached guardhouse. The filing was made by resident Sarah Key named the Hidden Hills Community Association, not Kardashian, as the respondent. Key asked the Association to end Kardashian’s plan to flatten two hills and build upon two high-pressure gas transmission lines, as she felt that the neighborhood should keep its “natural and rustic county setting” and building upon the gas lines will put “Hidden Hills community members at risk of catastrophic bodily injury and irreparable real personal property damage.” The filing also stated that her plans “can and will cause irreparable harm at a minimum to the destruction of two hills of Hidden Hills” and “moving forward these two development projects may cause loss of a life.”

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