Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, And Preview


Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 Raw Scans, Previously on Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 11, And More. 

It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. An eight-episode live-action television drama adaptation was broadcast from September to November 2021.

Manbagi is called a “wallflower” by her peers, including Shouko. Manbagi declares his love for Shouko, Shouko refuses to accept it. That aided Tadono in realizing his feelings for Shouko are reciprocated. Osano suddenly starts wearing dresses.

However, these two were the “ultimate” childhood friends, as everyone in the school has known since they were children and their families moved apart. Osano, on the other hand, is socially awkward and lonely until he meets Shouko due to Tadano. However, after meeting Shouko, there was a surprising impact on Osano’s life and she was taken aback by the changes in her friend. After threatening to kill Shouka, Ren Yamai kidnaps him and also names her the so-called “goddess” of the “Cool Girls.”

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 11 Highlights:

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Komi participates in the sports festival. Tadano wants to achieve the goal of helping her reach 100 friends. Osana cheers for Tadano and Komi as they get ready. Chika who is from the second year challenges Komi against the trophy. Tadano says to Komi to perform at her best level. Moreover, the class that will earn maximum points will be the winner of the trophy.

     As the game begins both Komi and Chika are performing at par Komi wins the first round and gets ten points. Furthermore, Awai announces the second completion, a tug of war between the classes. However, during the tug of war, the boys were mesmerized by Komi’s beauty.

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 Spoilers:

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There are no spoilers out yet for Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12. However, the episode is entitled “after-party” thus the finale episode of the season is bound to fill with drama, surprises, and fun mixed.

Komi Can’t Communicate Release Date:

It will be released on 22nd December 2021. This episode can be watched on Netflix.

Komi Can’t Communicate Countdown:

Where To Watch Komi Can’t Communicate?

We don’t encourage any illegal website or any application that displays pirated content and neither should you. If you want to watch Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 11 or any other previous episodes then you can easily do so on Crunchyroll’s official website.

Komi Can’t Communicate Major Characters

1. Shouko Komi
2. Hitohito Tadano
3. Rumiko Manbagi
4. Najimi Osana
5. Ren Yamai
6. Omoharu Nakanaka
7. Himiko Agari
8. Makeru Yadano
9. Akako Onigashima
10. Hitomi Tadano

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